• "Warrior" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 16

    Do you ever feel like you're running away from things in your life? Today we are talking about conquering those things and running into our future instead. You are not alone - God is with you and there is a WARRIOR within you! Let's rebuild and reinforce that warrior spirit.

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  • "How to Find Adventure" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 15

    Sometimes in life we see everything amazing that everyone else is doing and forget what God has called US specifically to do. Are you wandering around aiming for the wrong target? Ginger Stache sits down with Nicole to talk about finding the adventure made for her life and not comparing ourselv...

  • "Faithful, Not Fearful" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 14

    How's your faith holding up, friends? Are you rolling with the punches, or are you just surviving? Join Pastor Nicole and see God take the unattractive and the impossible, and turn them into something beautiful! Let's THRIVE in our faith!

    Website: https://nicolecrank.com/

  • "Dare to Dream" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 13

    What are your dreams? Have you accomplished them? And if not, did you stop trying? Pastor Nicole sits down with Miss Nebraska USA, Megan Swanson, to discuss dreaming BIG and how God is willing and able to revive those dead dreams!

    Website: https://nicolecrank.com/

  • "Drop the Bags" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 12

    Is your past always present? Are you carrying a lot of dead weight? Baggage of hurt, shame, betrayal - God doesn't want us to live that way. Jesus said take my yoke upon you - the yoke of happiness, joy and peace! Dr. Barbara Lowe and Pastor Nicole team up to help us Drop Our Bags and rest in ...

  • "Finding Happy" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 11

    How do we find happiness when our circumstances seem to say otherwise? God says rejoice! We can be happy in the middle of anything - it's not about God changing our circumstances, it's about God changing us.

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  • "Tear Down The Walls" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 10

    How do you process pain? Pastor Nicole has walked through it all - divorce, molestation, rejection... and she's come out on the other side! Are you ready to tear down the walls of hurt and shame? God didn't create you just to survive, we're here to THRIVE!

  • "Mending A Broken Marriage" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 9

    Marriage can be REALLY HARD. But if we’re willing to put in the work...if we’re willing forgive the brokenness in our spouses and forgive ourselves so we can all be healed, God can restore. Pastor Hope Carpenter and Tina Konkin are here to tell their stories of unfaithfulness and infidelity in ...

  • "Don't Give Up, Get Up" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 8

    Are you just surviving in life or are you THRIVING in life? You're not called to give up, you're called to get up. Real faith is feeling the fear and going forth anyway. Let Pastor Nicole encourage you to fear less and walk with God!

    Website: https://nicolecrank.com/

  • "Fighting in Faith" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 7

    What do you do when the reports aren't good? Dr. DeeDee Freeman's husband was in the hospital with a 1% chance of survival, but she stood on God's word, leaned into her faith, and watched him miraculously recover! If you're believing for a different outcome than the reports are predicting, you ...

  • "Perfection to Permission" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 6

    Are you struggling with perfectionism and comparison to others in your life? Dr. Jackie Greene and Sarah Keller join Nicole to discuss the side effects of trying to be perfect and how God helped lead them into being their true selves instead.

  • "Defining Moments" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 5

    Do you ever feel like you have so much to do that you miss the big stuff? The stuff that really matters? Sheryl Brady sits down with Pastor Nicole to discuss defining moments in her life and the importance of looking up to God when your head is down in the details.

  • "Unwanted" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 4

    Bridget Van Means and Linda Seidler tell Nicole two sides of a similar story - Bridget was almost aborted by her mother, and Linda did have an abortion in her college years. Listen and watch how God redeems, restores, and shows up when we need Him most!

  • "Godmothers and Goddaughters" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 3

    Speaker and NYT best-selling author Lisa Bevere sits down with Pastor Nicole to discuss the importance of mentors, specifically "Godmothers" in our lives - How to be one, and how to receive one!

  • "Help! I Work With People" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 2

    The best leaders lead from the inside out - if you can conquer leading yourself, you can conquer leading others! Pastor Chad Veach sits in the hot seat with Nicole to discuss exactly that, his new book, "Help! I Work With People," and how Jesus set the best example for us all.

  • "Planning for Greatness" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 1

    Did you know that if you have a written goal, you are 80% more likely to achieve it? Pastor Nicole coaches us on how to intentionally plan for our goals and not just talk about them. Let's learn how to live our dreams one step at a time! Are you a Goal Getter?