• "Dealing with Depression" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 8

    If depression has been stopping you, today is the day we come out of the cage! Pastor Chris Hodges joins us and gets real about depression and God. He will use it for our good.

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  • "Overcoming Cancer" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 7

    Are you facing the struggle of your life and just hoping to survive? You can experience more than that. You can overcome! On this week's show, my friend Hope Snider shares her incredible journey to becoming an overcomer of breast cancer. Dr. Mike Fiscella gives us tips for great natural suppo...

  • "Victim to Victor" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 6

    It's wild how memories can be so powerful…Are you living your present based on your past? Today we're going to think like a VICTOR instead of a Victim! Sara Conner joins us to talk about overcoming her abusive past and stepping into a full, free present.

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  • "Good Grief" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 5

    GOOD GRIEF!?!? Is there really anything ‘good’ about grief? When we experience the loss of a job, a relationship, or a loved one, what happens when we don’t grieve? The Bible says there is a time to grieve and sorrow. It’s okay to miss somebody or something. It’s ok to let it out! My friend,...

  • "Breakups" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 4

    You know what they say - "breaking up is hard to do!" On today's show, award winning superstars Doe Jones and Kierra Sheard join Pastor Nicole to break down what it means to Break-Up. It's hurts on both sides, but sometimes it's necessary to get to where God wants us to be.

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  • "No Chances Without Challenges" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 3

    What do you do when life keeps throwing challenge after challenge at you? Pastor Debbie Lindell sits down with Pastor Nicole to discuss how she turned those challenges into chances to be better and dug in deep to stay inspired and led by God's word.

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  • "Working Mom" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 2

    Divorce, Heartache, Health Issues and Parenting… All at once! Kami Pentecost suddenly found herself as a working mom when she hadn't planned for it, but found the strength to forge a new, successful path in the midst of multiple life blows. Find out how this working mom made it work and bounced...

  • "Breathe Again" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Episode 1

    Do you ever feel like you're underwater and suffocating? Author of Breathe Again, Stacy Henagan, shares her testimony of losing her baby to cancer, and how she still believes God is good after all her heartache. Come with us as we learn how to "Breathe Again" through Christ after devastating lo...