Talk Show & Interviews

  • "Power of Community" on Goodness Speaks with Rachelle Fletcher

    Join Rachelle Fletcher and her guests, Dr. Carlos Valencia, a Pastor and Carla Alvarado, a community healthcare worker, as they discuss the power of working together to build strong communities. You’ll learn the value of personal connection and truly caring for your neighbor, as well as ways to o...

  • "Does Supernatural Healing Still Exist?" on POP Talk with Lisa Burkhardt Worley

    In this POP Talk Episode, the founder of Royal Family International University, Pete Cabrera, will share how he was supernaturally healed from a Crack addiction, and how God led him to teach others about supernatural healing and gifts. 10,000 studied at Pete’s school, near Wichita, KS.

    Find mor...

  • "United in Spirit" w/Papa Joe Bradford on Goodness Speaks with Rachelle Fletcher

    Join Rachelle Fletcher and her special guest, Papa Joe Bradford, a man who dedicates his life to fathering at-risk children providing food for their bodies, minds and souls. You’ll learn how to unlock the keys to a life of humility while uniting with others in spirit intent for one purpose-to sho...

  • Nicole Crank and Wolf of Wall Street John Clancy

    Bouncing back from bad decisions. An amazing story of Gods' redemption through His unmerited grace, From millionaire to broke and busted, come with us today on our incredible journey with John Clancy and Jed Chappell.

  • "Why Am I Here, Finding God's Purpose" on The Christian View

    We all struggle at some point with finding our purpose in life. On today's show, we discuss finding our purpose, flowing in your purpose and being involved if your purpose changes.

  • "Perilous Times" on The Christian View

    2020 has so many of us wondering what in the world is going on. Join us as we talk about Perilous Times and what Scripture says about these times of uncertainty.

  • "The Prosperity Gospel" on The Christian View

    What is the prosperity gospel, is it biblical, is it effective? Join The Christian View team as they unfold what scripture has to say about this unclear topic.

  • "Setting 2021 Goals" on POP Talk with Lisa Burkhardt Worley

    With the world still in turmoil, should we consider setting 2021 Goals? In this episode of POP Talk, the POP Talk Co-hosts, Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Dr. Lynnette Simm and Rosemary Legrand will interview the CEO of A Go Strategy and Leadership Coach, Aurora Ortega Geis, who will answer this question...

  • "Living Life to the Fullest" on The Christian View

    The Christian View discuss how to live this life to the fullest. How to grow past your mistakes and live with no regrets!

  • "Online Church, the New Normal?" on The Christian View

    2020 has been a crazy year! Many churches have shut their door and are only worshipping online. Is this the new normal or is there more change to come for the 2020 Church?

  • "The Power & Purpose of Parenting" on The Christian View

    As parents we have a responsibility to raise up God children. We are called to parent with purpose and power with the help of the Holy Spirit.

  • "The Addiction Crisis" on The Christian View

    Pastor Paul with The Atlanta Dream Center joins The Christian View discussion on the addiction crisis we are facing around the world and within our communities.

  • "A Winning Mindset" on The Christian View

    The bible is clear that our thoughts have the power to break us or make us. There is a battle going on for our minds. Join us as we discuss practical ways to have a winning mindset for Christ.

  • "Faith & Politics" on The Christian View

    The Christian View tackles the tough and very controversial topic of Faith and Politics within the body of Christ.

  • "Fit For God's Purpose" on The Christian View

    We all have a on our lives. So often we miss that calling because we are not fit ( body, soul, spirit)Join us as we discuss how you can be FIT for your purpose. FYI.. Its not about an number of the scale

  • "Generational Consequences" on The Christian View

    The bible is clear that there are generational issues past down from generation to generation until someone in the family decides to make a change. The Christian View how to walk in freedom.

  • "Conquering Racism" on The Christian View

    Dr. Alveda King joins The Christian View as they discuss ways to overcoming Racism and live in unity in the body of Christ.

  • "The Everyday Way of Grace" on COFFEE with Kim

    Do you ever wonder what is the right thing to say? How to fill an awkward moment of silence while talking? Or, how to de-escalate an heated argument you walked into? On today's show, Kim talks with Laura Brusca, a Certified Etiquette Consultant. Laura will show how etiquette is merely God's gr...

  • POPTalk Host, Lisa interviews Melissa Kerley Joel Paul Reisig, Greg Morrison

    Looking for another family-friendly movie to watch at home?
    Then you will want to know about the new Christian film, Faith Under Fire starring Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain. Join POP Talk Radio co-hosts, Lisa Burkhardt Worley and Rosemary Legrand as they conduct a Zoom interview with the Executive ...

  • "Expectation-Free: Rebecca Hession" on Remorselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher

    Join us on this episode for lots of fun and laughs as we talk about the importance of showing up as yourself and the trust building power that level of authenticity brings. Enjoy, special guest, Rebecca Fleetwood Hession, as she shares her "expectation-free" upbringing as it relates to her ongoin...

  • "Vicki's Story" on Live Talk With Lynette 12/25/2020

    Host, Lynette Greene, welcomes Vickie Williams, a woman who has endured years of dysfunction in her relationship with her mother. Vickie tells a very detailed story of a young girl who grew up in New York navigating her way through what appeared to be hatred from her mother. After years of endu...

  • "It's Your Due Season"on The Yafah Life with Jacquelyn Rivers

    Tonight, join me and my special guest, Marina Angelica Coryat, as we release a prophetic word entitled “It’s Your Due Season." No more waiting, get ready for your next and join us!

  • Special Guest Interview, Actor Steve Reed on POP Talk with Lisa Burkhardt Worley

    We have a Christmas treat for you this morning as the POP Talk team interviews James, the brother of Jesus, on today’s show. Well, it’s not actually the real James—it’s actor, Steve Reed—but he is so believable that he even has the POP Talk co-hosts tearing up. “James” will talk about Jesus’ bi...

  • "Praying in Heavenly Courts" on Messages with Kaya

    Today's special guest is Antonio Sabato Jr. as he speaks from the heart about his testimony of faith in Jesus. Antonio is an actor, director, producer and politician. In this episode, Kaya talks about the importance of prayer during these dark times. She also shares her impressions on Genesis 29 ...