Social Issues

  • Maura Gale Interview on COFFEE with Kim 11/17/2020

    Join Kim and her guest, Maura Gale, for an honest, transparent, and sometimes emotional conversation!

    Is RACIAL RECONCILIATION really possible? Can healing ever happen in the face of so much past and present collective hurt, personal pain, and ongoing tension? Today Kim talks with a friend who...

  • #071 - Abraham's Prayer / Prayer for Nation

    Recorded on Sunday, November 1, 2020 at City of Destiny in Apopka, Florida during the live online streaming broadcast. For more information, please visit City of Destiny Website.

  • Goodness Speaks at at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill Texas 11/17/2020

    Join Rachelle Fletcher, Co-Founder of the Goodness Project, on location at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill Texas for their weekly food distribution to families who are facing difficult times due to the economic hardship from COVID-19. She talks with Tara Bollinger, a member of the church, who answer...

  • POP Talk with Roger Wheelock, President of Greater Than I Ministries

    Monday streams start with POP Talk with lead host Lisa Burkhardt Worley and co-hosts Rosemary Legrand and Dr. Lynette Simm. Today's guest is Roger Wheelock. POP Talk is produced by Pearls of Promise Ministries.

    Roger Wheelock is the President of Greater Than I Ministries, a non-profit corporatio...

  • "A Dying Nation"on The Christian View

    There is so much turmoil and destruction going on within our nation. Join us as we discuss, will we as a nation die or become stronger through all of the turmoil and destruction.

  • "Living in the age of Handheld Devices" on The Christian View

    The Christian View teams discuss how new technogly is taking over the way we communicate. We discuss the pros and cons of living in the age of handheld devices.

  • "Pop Culture" on The Christian View

    Mama Jan (Voice to the Stars) Join the discussion today as TCV talks about Pop Culture. How is Pop Culture effecting our society and is it for the good or the bad. Great show!

  • "Faith and Politics" on The Christian View

    The Christian View tackles the tough and very controversial topic of Faith and Politics within the body of Christ.

  • "Solid Rock" on Ignite TV with Rachel Griffith

    This week Rachel teaches, how to live on the solid rock during times of shifting sand! Culture may shift, governments may shift, people may shift, but God never does and you don't have to either. You can live on the solid rock, and have a sure and steady foundation!

  • "Peace" on Ignite TV with Rachel Griffith

    On the Friday night live Rachel Griffith shares on, having peace in the midst of fear and confusion. No matter what is going on in America and around the world you can live in total peace!

  • The Government is on His Shoulders

    Are you tired of the chaos and unrest in our land? Join Rachelle in this episode of A Voice for the Kingdom as she teaches about the governing authority of the Kingdom of God. The Lord settles ALL accounts in the judicial system of heaven and calls us to impact the world systems and apply the inf...

  • Goodness Speaks with Rachelle Fletcher 10/27/2020

    How can we be the voice for innocent, voiceless children in the womb? Join Rachelle Fletcher as she shares the inspiring story of a woman who faced two unplanned pregnancies after a series of devastating circumstances. The goodness of God was displayed as the church rallied around her by providin...