Sharon Swanepoel

Sharon Swanepoel

Sharon has a passion to share the gospel of Christ with the world. She is an award winning musician, celebrated author, sought after communicator. Together with her husband and ministry partner of over 30 years, they founded God’s Glory Ministries International. ( Her authenticity and anointing continues to captivate audiences around the world in conferences, crusades, churches, online events and schools, where she has seen over 169,000 children give their hearts to Jesus.

Sharon is an award winning musician with 15 inspirational albums, a celebrated author with over 200,000 books in circulation, an ordained minister of the gospel and sought after communicator. Her authenticity and anointing continues to captivate audiences around the world in conferences, crusades, churches and schools.

She is passionate at everything the Lord has called her to, but her greatest joy is to connect people to Jesus whether one on one in spontaneous moments, or in scheduled ministry events. She taps into creative arts making the gospel relevant to everyone. Her desire is to see the lost saved, the broken made whole and the captives set free people set free by the power of God. She loves to inspire and encourage people around her impacting them regardless of age, background or ethnicity. She is the founder of the Seek and Save Project ( and has led multiple thousands of children to the Lord each year in Seek and Save Outreaches in Africa, Eurasia and during speaking engagements in the USA. She also launched the Seek and Save Orphan and Vulnerable Care Center in South Africa that cares for up to 104 children spiritually, physically and emotionally.

She is a favorite speaker at State wide / District Women’s Conferences and retreats that draws large gatherings of people. She leads a movement called A Sacred Stance In A Secular Society.

Her music is anointed with a prophetic edge and she loves to lead folks into the manifest presence of God in worship. People around the world love her live Worship and Word events on Facebook. Sharon has been a crusade singer for Reinhard Bonnke in Nigeria.

She recently launched a new anti-bullying project ( in public schools in the USA of which her book Hashtag Big Bad Bully is the anchor piece. Her goal is to eradicate the pervasive bullying culture in schools and communities while teaching the next generation to Have A Sweet Heart Treat All Good. She is partnering and strategizing with State officials, education professionals, principals and schools across the nation and aims to place a Hashtag Big Bad Bully Book into the hands of every student nationally.

Sharon is an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God and resides with her husband in Atlanta, GA.

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Sharon Swanepoel
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    Jesus is a great example for us to follow. We are set up for supernatural results. We need to watch what heaven is doing for the best perspective. John 15:19 Jesus could do nothing without His Father. God will give you insight and you can trust Him to give you foresight.

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    Jesus endured the suffering and anguish of the cross so that we can be saved not by works, but by our faith in Him.

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    If we have a roadmap, it's easy to get where we need to go. God's word promises to lead you and guide you through life. Leviticus 26:3 If you walk in Gods' statutes, then He will give you increase in due season. Gods'word keeps us in a safe place.

  • God will bless you

    God wants to spend time with you. God's word provides light so that we are not walking in darkness. Leviticus 26:9 God will make you fruitful. He will confirm His covenant with you. He will walk among you and your God. He brought you out of the yoke of your former life.