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Remorselessly Biblical

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Beth Fisher hosts the show on Women’s Life Network called “Remorselessly Biblical,” based on her published book, Remorseless: Learning to Lose Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions—Without Losing Yourself. She has since published a second book, a companion guide entitled, The Remorseless Workbook: A Journey to Losing Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions—And Finding Yourself. On this show, she explores Biblical content along with real-life events along with some amazing special guests and interviews!

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Remorselessly Biblical
  • "Leah, Rachel & Family Dynamics" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 24

    Join Beth on this week’s episode of Remorselessly Biblical where she teaches from the Old Testament story of Leah & Rachel...two sisters who were completely duped by the deceitful Jacob! 

    Learn about the parallels of Jacob and Rachel, each having an older same-gender sibling, and where the prove...

  • "What Denying Yourself Really Means" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 23

    Join Beth on this week’s episode of Remorselessly Biblical where she teaches from Mark Chapter 8 on what Jesus meant when he told Peter, “Get Behind Me, Satan!” along with how we should really deny ourselves if we want to follow Him. It may not be what you think. Remember to keep Showing Up on y...

  • "Living Beyond Image and Identity" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 22

    Join me for a very special episode with Dr. Francesca Abii, founder of Victory in Christ International Ministries:, host of the podcast and Roku Show, "Beyond Any Limit," and Author of "Victory in Christ: Living the Life that Has No Limits!"...

  • Transcending Trauma and Actualizing Your Potential" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 20

    Have you ever used poor relationships as a way to fill your void? Are you an over-worker or an over-giver who ends up feeling resentful, or maybe you've experienced these things about yourself:
    *Thinking there has to be another way of being within myself that is ...

  • "Answering the Prophetic Call to Orphan Advocacy" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Did you know that you are a messenger? That the words you speak matter? What happens when we, as flawed humans, finally come into alignment and listen to the call – the one that tells us exactly who we were created to be?

    Join in and hear how Harmony Klingenmeyer is not only answering the call,...

  • "Spiritual Formation: An Invitation, Not a Race" on Remorselessly Biblical

    We were not created to be stagnant people! We are dynamic, moving, growing and changing individuals who are meant to be in a constant state of transformation! What does that all mean when it comes to spiritual formation? When you learn to relinquish control and firmly believe and trust in a lovi...

  • "Holy Humor: On Friendship, Belonging & Common Ground" on Remorselessly Biblical

    If you care about being joyful and enjoying humor in your everyday life, you won't want to miss this week's episode! There is nothing more I love than happy, uplifting people who love God and love others well . . . and who also understand that "God's word is accessible," and able to be taught thr...

  • "Working Through Hardships & Finding God's for you Purpose"

    Join Beth on today’s episode of Remorselessly Biblical with special guest Bincy Teodorescu. Bincy is the author of A Life Best Lived: Using Growth Mindset to Live Life Intentionally, an entrepreneur, and a passionate encourager of women--especially as it relates to their financial security. She ...

  • "Why Being Part of a Team like the Disciples Matters"on Remorselessly Biblical

    Join Beth on today’s episode of Remorselessly Biblical as she dives in to her favorite Scriptural topic: PEOPLE! Have you ever wondered why Jesus chose the 12 Apostles? What if they all were wired like Peter…or even worse, Judas? How is the way God made you affecting the kind of team player yo...

  • "Managing Stress this Christmas Season" on Remorselessly Biblical w/ Beth Fisher

    Christmas is amazing, but it can be STRESSFUL. In this episode, you will hear what Jesus did under stress and how he invites us to REST in him.

    From negative self-talk to being absolutely persecuted and attacked by people in our lives, Jesus dealt with it, too. So many times we forget (because ...

  • "Women-The Prophetic Key to the Future of the Church" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Today's guest is the amazing Soorin Backer of Soorin Backer Ministries. She is the author of Women in Jesus' Life and founder of The Pearls of Hope Conference held yearly on the West Coast (hybrid/virtual option available). Soorin says, “In a day and age when women are still being told to ‘go h...

  • "Do It Anyway–Why Going Deeper Matters" on Remorselessly Biblical w/ Beth Fisher

    What if Peter and the other disciples didn’t “feel like” going back out after an entire night of fishing with no results? No fish? No success? What if they would have decided to take the easy route, not listen to Jesus, and stay stuck? Well for one, people would have gone hungry. Peter and th...

  • How Unhealthy Leadership Can Lead to Spiritual Abuse" on Remorselessly Biblical

    How does going outside your comfort zone, your people group, your own church, and your zip code reshape your relationship with God?
    Erika Mariglia grew up in the church, so the topic of God was never unfamiliar to her. However, she is a woman who always challenged the status quo, wanting to know ...

  • "An Utmost Life..." on Remorselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher

    God made us to be with us, and yet so many of us feel unworthy to be in His presence. Oftentimes this comes from feeling like we don’t belong anywhere here, on earth, and are left out among people. Whether the “in” crowd leaves us out, or we struggle to fit in anywhere no matter what we do, feeli...

  • "Bigger Love: How Secrets We Hide Hurt Us" Remorselessly Biblical w/Beth Fisher

    Have you ever kept a secret so big that it held you back from loving someone else completely? Did you think that you could hide from God in the process, too?
    Tune in to Remorselessly Biblical and join Beth and her guest, Cindy DeBoer, as they talk very openly about how committing the “big sin”...

  • "Joy and Peace in Believing Who You Are" on Remorselessly Biblical w/Beth Fisher

    There is a big difference between having ears and having ears "to hear." What are you hearing? What is the story you've been telling yourself about yourself? There is joy and peace in not only knowing who you truly are, but in believing it. Christians are not the only group of people who wond...

  • "Faith & Fear" on Remorselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher

    How many promises are there in the Bible, you ask? 5,467, give or take! And not a single one of 'em promises you have to live in fear.

    Have you ever stayed stuck in a situation like a relationship or a job strictly because you were afraid of what might happen if you left? Or maybe you stopped ...

  • "Expectation-Free: Rebecca Hession" on Remorselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher

    Join us on this episode for lots of fun and laughs as we talk about the importance of showing up as yourself and the trust building power that level of authenticity brings. Enjoy, special guest, Rebecca Fleetwood Hession, as she shares her "expectation-free" upbringing as it relates to her ongoin...

  • Ep6 Beth Fisher Gwendolyn

  • "Job" on Remorselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher

    What happens when suffering comes our way and we no longer have the internal fortitude to be "rule-followers?" What happens when we have been taught that Scripture is nothing more than a rulebook rather than a mysterious tool to be invited into? Join me on today's episode as we discuss helicopter...

  • Kinita on Remorselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher.

    What does it mean to really be included? It's going to look different for each of us. That is exactly what today's guest - Author, International Speaker, and Cultural Expert, Kinita Kadnar Schripsema helps us unpack. Kinita was born in India, has a heart for Jesus and asks HARD questions like, "I...

  • Carrie Maldonado on Remoreselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher

  • "Daniel" on Remorselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher

    Tonight is the first episode of "Remoreslessly Biblical" with Beth Fisher. She is author of, Remorseless: Learning to Lose Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions Without Losing Yourself as well as a companion workbook, Remorseless: A Journey to Losing Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions and Find...