Remorselessly Biblical

Remorselessly Biblical

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Beth Fisher hosts the show on Women’s Life Network called “Remorselessly Biblical,” based on her published book, Remorseless: Learning to Lose Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions—Without Losing Yourself. She has since published a second book, a companion guide entitled, The Remorseless Workbook: A Journey to Losing Labels, Expectations, and Assumptions—And Finding Yourself. On this show, she explores Biblical content along with real-life events along with some amazing special guests and interviews!

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Remorselessly Biblical
  • “WAR and WIN: Saying Yes When You’re Afraid and Face a Giant Loss"

    Episode 48

    Actress Shannen Fields, star of many movies including "Facing the Giants," shares her faith journey of “saying yes when she was afraid and had no idea what she was doing”…along with what it has been like since losing her husband, football coach Jimmy Fields, to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)...

  • "The Standing Meditation: How One Small Change Every Day Can Save Your Life"

    Episode 47

    Hour after hour, he contemplated suicide. How would he do it? Would it hurt?

    After dropping out of college, Nate Rifkin had dedicated himself to self-help and pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams. Yet he failed to achieve any of his goals. Worse, he spiraled into debt, drank every morning, felt...

  • "Rediscovering Your Identity After a Traumatic Brain Injury"

    Episode 46

    Gracie Wright is an award-winning author and singer-songwriter who had to re-learn who she was after being struck by a car at age 11 and suffering a traumatic brain injury. She had to start her life all over again, learning to read, write, play and even remember what emotions are and how to use ...

  • "Owning Your Amazing with Dr. Denise Moore" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 45

    Dr. Denise Moore Revel is a CEO and award-nominated best-selling author, speaker, and personal development, business, and book coach. For over 25 years, she has literally helped people find their voices. As a speech-language pathologist (therapist), her job has been to help her clients discover...

  • "Empowering Victims to Find Their Voice and Claim Their Freedom"

    Episode 42

    The Fedd Agency announced today that it will publish "Living in Silence " – a courageous memoir about the healing journey of a woman who overcame sexual abuse with resilience and bravery in the face of evil and took back control of her life. Written by Cindy Arevalo, a faithful believer, "Living...

  • "Sharon Bolan - A 911 Prayer that Led to a Calling" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 41

    Sharon's story began in exotic British Guyana where she was born into a Christian home. Her parents, of Indian descent from India, moved the family to the United States when she was the age of 7. Her father Deoram, a Bible teacher and classical singer, was offered sponsorship by a non- denomina...

  • "Unmasked: Conquering Sexual Sin and Walking in Victory" Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 42

    Neil Getzlow is a successful communications and public relations leader with more than 25 years of experience. Neil's career has taken him inside some of the biggest brands across the globe. But his world was shaken up by God in February 2020. Just a few weeks before a pandemic locked down the ...

  • "Impacting People for the Gospel Through Music" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 41

    Brigitte Donoho is an award winning Songwriter, Recording Artist, Wife, Mom and Worship Leader. With the heart of a Revivalist she moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit both in and out of the church walls. When asked what message she wanted to present to the world, Brigitte responded that she w...

  • "Choosing Love - Saving Lives" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 40

    Priscilla Pruitt is the Global Ambassador and international spokesperson for Safe Haven Baby Boxes, a mission which works to rescue newborn babies from abandonment. She also advocates as the spokesperson for Safe Haven Alliance. The Safe Haven Laws are in all 50 states, and along with others, ...

  • "Ashes to Beauty: A Spiritual Journey Out of Addiction and Trauma"

    Episode 37

    Pastor Wendy Noll is a published author and an accomplished speaker on the topics of spirituality and addiction. A certified addiction counselor, Wendy has served in the field of addiction for over twenty years. She is a fellow content creator and contributing author for Life Network for Women a...

  • "Helping People Hear God's Voice: Sterling Harris" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 36

    This week's guest is former NFL player, Sterling Harris. Sterling Harris was born in Dallas, TX and grew up in Terrell. Sterling was a high school football standout with an array of awards including Super-Prep All-American, All-State, All-Area, and All-District, as well as a top four finalist f...

  • "This Is Not A Good Idea: Interview w/Kerri Pomarolli" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 35

    Kerri Pomarolli is an American stand up comedian, actress and author based on Los Angeles. She has appeared in over 75 stage productions and had recurring roles on Port Charles, and The Young and The Restless and General Hospital. She has been in motion pictures such as "DeadLock," and her latest...

  • "Becoming Brave: How Can You Be Invincible When You Feel Invisible"

    Episode 34

    You won't want to miss this one! Join in and learn how, through God’s wisdom and intervention, you can feel invincible in the midst of everyday life instead of invisible. “God, in spite of us, finds innovative and creative ways to use us!”

    This week's guest is Tracey Mitchell, executive produc...

  • "How Centering Prayer Can Change Your Life" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 33

    This week's guest is Dr. Brian Russell, host of the Deep Dive Spirituality podcast and author of "Centering Prayer: How Sitting Quietly in God’s Presence Can Change Your Life." His podcast explores the contours of spiritual formation, leadership, and missional practice in our present reality thr...

  • "Crossing the Finish Line" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 32

    This week's guest is Dr. Trudy Simmons, Executive Producer and co-host of the Christian View. Trudy is a Counselor, and Award Winning TV Host, a Speaker, Wife, Mom, and Ironman. Her show, The Christian View, is a fast-paced, high-energy half-hour TV show with a panel of sharp, well-educated, qu...

  • "How to Get Rid of Baggage and Equip Yourself for More" Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 31

    This week's guest is Donna Tashjian, founder of Vibrant Living International, a ministry designed to help women rise above a painful past so they can live and be who God created them to be. With her signature program, "Turning Your Baggage Into Luggage," Donna is a life mastery coach who encoura...

  • "Overwhelming Love with Ashley Robbins" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 30

    This week's guest is Ashley Robbins, founder of God Within Her Ministries, and my fellow Life Network for Women content creator and friend! Ashley has such a heart for God, but as you will hear her say on this episode, at one point in her life she told her mom, "If you talk about Jesus one more ...

  • "Untangled, The Truth Will Set You Free" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 29

    Michele Pillar – a famous recording artist, three-time Grammy nominee, and world-renowned figure for 40 years – shares her brutally honest and empowering story for us this week.  Now an author and public speaker who encourages life change and better decision-making, Michele offers a riveting conv...

  • "Remembering To Be Who God Created You To Be" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 28

    Join me this week for a quick debrief and takeaways from my time in Dallas at the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) conference—and how showing up there reminded me how important it is for all of us to Be Who God Created Us To Be.

    On this episode, I share stories of people I met at the confer...

  • "This Beautiful Mess: Shelly Bartholomew" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 27

    Life is full of mishaps, reroutes, and disasters; they punctuate best-laid plans at every turn. But maybe the messiness of life is not something to shy away from but something to embrace. In THIS BEAUTIFUL MESS, Shelly Bartholomew lets you into her mess and teaches you how to embrace the unpret...

  • "5 Characteristics of Good Leadership" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 26

    Join Beth today as she pulls from her 25 years of corporate leadership, explaining why only ONE way of leading truly matters: the way Jesus taught us.

    Beth spent more than a quarter century in a male-dominated sales world, leading thousands of people within some of the largest Fortune 500 compan...

  • "Overcoming Lifetime Trauma: Paula Jauch" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 25

    Paula Jauch is a trauma expert. She is also a speaker, award-winning author and podcaster, but what she cares most about in this world is helping others overcome trauma and abuse—just as she has. Paula grew up in Las Vegas with an alcoholic and abusive father and an addicted mother. She watche...

  • "Living Intentionally for God: Meisha Johnson" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 24

    In 2010, Meisha Johnson had a conversion in her living room that changed her life. Not raised with any religion or in the faith at all, when this happened to Meisha, she was shocked. She says, "At first I was brought into a state of confusion and then conversion. Our conversions continue as ou...

  • "Dr. Francesca Abii on Living Beyond Limits" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Episode 23

    Join Beth and Dr. Francesca Abii on this week’s episode of Remorselessly Biblical where they discuss what living beyond limits means and how to show up in life as the person God created you to be.

    Dr. Abii is founder of Victory in Christ International Ministries, http://www.victoryinchristminist...