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  • "Just Be You" on Get Real with Wendy Noll

    Revelation of the eighth step of creation.
    Recovery is not about ‘recovering’, it’s about FREEDOM. Do you know who you are?

  • "Turning Pain Into Purpose" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    In this episode Paula talks about redeeming your pain from your past. How to take the pain from your past and turn it into purpose. Paula talks about releasing the person who hurt you and taking the pain from that hurt and redeeming it and turning into your purpose. She will explain how your l...

  • "The Holy Spirit will lead us forward!" on Always More Tv with Rebecca Keener

    Join Rebecca Keener as she shares begin a word for 2021 and how the Holy Spirit will lead us. He gives us the power and the strength we need to live a victorious life.

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  • "Does Supernatural Healing Still Exist?" on POP Talk with Lisa Burkhardt Worley

    In this POP Talk Episode, the founder of Royal Family International University, Pete Cabrera, will share how he was supernaturally healed from a Crack addiction, and how God led him to teach others about supernatural healing and gifts. 10,000 studied at Pete’s school, near Wichita, KS.

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  • "My Story, ABC’s & The Bible" on Living the Thrilling Life with Victorya Rogers

    In this first episode Living the Thrilling Life with Victorya Rogers, Life Coach Victorya Rogers introduces herself and tells the 3 minutes testimony of her journey to meet God. She calls this YOUR STORY, from her bestselling book “How to Talk About Jesus without Freaking Out.” She also shares ...

  • "God's Medicine" on The Great Physician with Debra Gaskill

    Proverbs tell us that God's Word is medicine. It is not "like" medicine. It "is" medicine. And the same medicine that gets you healed, keeps you healed. This week, we will learn how to take God's medicine and reap the benefits!

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  • "Stop Dwelling On Things Designed To Drive Out" on Ignite Tv w/ Rachel Griffith

    God has called you to live free from strongholds and hindrances. He has called you to take the Land He has given you. When we understand our authority in Christ we are able to use the whole armor of God and walk in true freedom and victory in every area of our lives! It is time to stop dwelling w...

  • "Resolving Family Conflict" onThe HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    Conflict is a normal part of family life. Every family experiences conflict, including ours. We have challenges with personality dynamics, offenses and accusations. However, it is our responsibility as Christians to take on the character of Christ in the face of misunderstandings, division and ...

  • "Developing Your Potential..." on Coffee with Kim

    What's the more God sees and wants you to discover about yourself? Standing firm in our faith allows God the opportunity to develop our potential during painful times. Today, Kim gives 7 principles on how to stand firm even when life is not standing still.

  • "Bigger Love: How Secrets We Hide Hurt Us" Remorselessly Biblical w/Beth Fisher

    Have you ever kept a secret so big that it held you back from loving someone else completely? Did you think that you could hide from God in the process, too?
    Tune in to Remorselessly Biblical and join Beth and her guest, Cindy DeBoer, as they talk very openly about how committing the “big sin”...

  • "United in Spirit" w/Papa Joe Bradford on Goodness Speaks with Rachelle Fletcher

    Join Rachelle Fletcher and her special guest, Papa Joe Bradford, a man who dedicates his life to fathering at-risk children providing food for their bodies, minds and souls. You’ll learn how to unlock the keys to a life of humility while uniting with others in spirit intent for one purpose-to sho...

  • "The Holy Spirit" on Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy

    Who the Holy Spirit is and How He works in our everyday life.

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  • "Introduction" on Officially Marsha Talk with Marsha Williams

    Marsha Williams hosts "Officially Marsha Talks" in this first episode as an introduction. Marsha will be teaching younger women what it means to walk out their faith and how to develop themselves to be mature, functioning Christians based on biblical principles and lifestyle.

  • "The Lord Our Healer" on The Great Physician with Debra Gaskill

    Currently, statistics say that 95% of people are dealing with some sort of physical malady. Throw on top of that a global pandemic! I grew up in a denomination that believed sickness or tragic accidents were God's way of teaching people a lesson. It wasn't until I desperately needed healed to sav...

  • "Called And Appointed To Bear Fruit" on Ignite Tv with Rachel Griffith 1/14/2021

    Rachel Griffith is an international minister of the gospel of Christ. She has been preaching the uncompromising word of God to the nations for the past decade. Through her call to ignite and empower the nations in Christ, she and her husband Willie have seen countless lives saved, healed, and de...

  • "Beginning with the End in Mind" on COFFEE with Kim

    Have you ever considered beginning 2021 with the end of the year in mind? Today Kim shares 4 questions we can ask ourselves to guide our year in a focused, discerning, and intentional way!

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  • "Joy and Peace in Believing Who You Are" on Remorselessly Biblical w/Beth Fisher

    There is a big difference between having ears and having ears "to hear." What are you hearing? What is the story you've been telling yourself about yourself? There is joy and peace in not only knowing who you truly are, but in believing it. Christians are not the only group of people who wond...

  • "Forgiving Daily" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    In this episode Paula takes you on a journey and the importance of forgiving daily. She talks about how we have an opportunity to forgive every day. At first it’s hard to just forgive, but as you practice it over and over it becomes easier. She also talks about how offense can destroy your lif...

  • "Steps to Healthy Relationship Goals" on Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy

    Dr. Trudy shares easy, yet very successful steps to setting and keeping relationship goals

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  • "Setting 2021 Goals" on POP Talk with Lisa Burkhardt Worley

    With the world still in turmoil, should we consider setting 2021 Goals? In this episode of POP Talk, the POP Talk Co-hosts, Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Dr. Lynnette Simm and Rosemary Legrand will interview the CEO of A Go Strategy and Leadership Coach, Aurora Ortega Geis, who will answer this question...

  • "Faith & Fear" on Remorselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher

    How many promises are there in the Bible, you ask? 5,467, give or take! And not a single one of 'em promises you have to live in fear.

    Have you ever stayed stuck in a situation like a relationship or a job strictly because you were afraid of what might happen if you left? Or maybe you stopped ...

  • God's Will For Your Life on Eternal Affairs with Rachel Knight

    In this episode, Rachel talks about understanding and discovering God's will. No matter whatever you're facing right now... it's a new day, it's a new year, and there's going to be a shift from one place to the next. God has more for you. He has a desired place in His will for you to be. Let's ge...

  • "Walking By Faith" on Messages with Kaya

    We have to hold on to faith. In our world, and our nation, we are all dealing with a shifting. With that, we know that a breakthrough is coming. When a woman is about to give birth, that's when the most excruciating pain is but what comes afterwards is this incredible miracle. The thought of the ...

  • "The Everyday Way of Grace" on COFFEE with Kim

    Do you ever wonder what is the right thing to say? How to fill an awkward moment of silence while talking? Or, how to de-escalate an heated argument you walked into? On today's show, Kim talks with Laura Brusca, a Certified Etiquette Consultant. Laura will show how etiquette is merely God's gr...