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Pushie Watson
  • Pushie Watson " The Divine Turn Around"

    What do you do when you've done all you know to do and you find yourself in a situation you never expected? What do you do when you hide amongst your enemies, because your friends have rejected you? David was rejected by his father, by his brothers and ultimately, by King Saul who was jealous of ...

  • Pushie Watson "Disappointment"

    Matthew 4:18-21 Are you where God has assigned you? When you are disappointed, what kind deliverer are you expecting? Who are you following to find your direction in life? Who is Jesus to you? Is He your personal savior and Lord? When you can't see your way out, do you still believe in His promi...

  • Pushie Watson "Moving from Empty to Overflow"

    The story of the widow and Elijah. When we have nothing left, when we have calamity, we often focus on the loss, but God is a present help in time of need! God is not afraid of your situation. Turn your eyes toward Him and His provision. What do you still have? You must need that for the rest of ...

  • Pushie Watson "Facing the Fear - Facing the Fight"

    On Todays' episode, Pastor Pushie wants you to know that you are not forgotten. That God still cares for you and is reaching out to you to day through this time of prayer that you mat be healed and made whole.

  • Pushie Watson " Salvation Prayer"

    Do not let your hear be troubled today. Join Pastor Pushie as she prays for you to have eternal life in Christ Jesus.

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