Personal Development

  • "My Story, ABC’s & The Bible" on Living the Thrilling Life with Victorya Rogers

    In this first episode Living the Thrilling Life with Victorya Rogers, Life Coach Victorya Rogers introduces herself and tells the 3 minutes testimony of her journey to meet God. She calls this YOUR STORY, from her bestselling book “How to Talk About Jesus without Freaking Out.” She also shares ...

  • "Resolving Family Conflict" onThe HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    Conflict is a normal part of family life. Every family experiences conflict, including ours. We have challenges with personality dynamics, offenses and accusations. However, it is our responsibility as Christians to take on the character of Christ in the face of misunderstandings, division and ...

  • "Developing Your Potential..." on Coffee with Kim

    What's the more God sees and wants you to discover about yourself? Standing firm in our faith allows God the opportunity to develop our potential during painful times. Today, Kim gives 7 principles on how to stand firm even when life is not standing still.

  • Nicole Crank and Bishop Dale C Bonner "Finding Your Destiny"

    Dr. Bronner discusses what it means to discover your destiny.

  • "Forgiving Daily" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    In this episode Paula takes you on a journey and the importance of forgiving daily. She talks about how we have an opportunity to forgive every day. At first it’s hard to just forgive, but as you practice it over and over it becomes easier. She also talks about how offense can destroy your lif...

  • "Faith & Fear" on Remorselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher

    How many promises are there in the Bible, you ask? 5,467, give or take! And not a single one of 'em promises you have to live in fear.

    Have you ever stayed stuck in a situation like a relationship or a job strictly because you were afraid of what might happen if you left? Or maybe you stopped ...

  • "Living Life to the Fullest" on The Christian View

    The Christian View discuss how to live this life to the fullest. How to grow past your mistakes and live with no regrets!

  • "The Power & Purpose of Parenting" on The Christian View

    As parents we have a responsibility to raise up God children. We are called to parent with purpose and power with the help of the Holy Spirit.

  • "Spiritual Warfare" on The Christian View

    Scriptures states that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, we are in a spiritual war! Join The Christian View team as we uncover what Spiritual Warfare really is and how we are to fight an unsee battle.

  • "A Winning Mindset" on The Christian View

    The bible is clear that our thoughts have the power to break us or make us. There is a battle going on for our minds. Join us as we discuss practical ways to have a winning mindset for Christ.

  • "Faith & Politics" on The Christian View

    The Christian View tackles the tough and very controversial topic of Faith and Politics within the body of Christ.

  • "Generational Consequences" on The Christian View

    The bible is clear that there are generational issues past down from generation to generation until someone in the family decides to make a change. The Christian View how to walk in freedom.

  • "The Everyday Way of Grace" on COFFEE with Kim

    Do you ever wonder what is the right thing to say? How to fill an awkward moment of silence while talking? Or, how to de-escalate an heated argument you walked into? On today's show, Kim talks with Laura Brusca, a Certified Etiquette Consultant. Laura will show how etiquette is merely God's gr...

  • "4 Pillars of Health & Fitness" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK with Angela Campbell

    As a busy woman in today’s world trying to get healthy, it’s extremely important to focus on all parts necessary to have success in your own health journey. The 4 pillars necessary that work in alignment are your fitness, nutrition, mindset and learning how to manage your stress. Fitness should...

  • "Vicki's Story" on Live Talk With Lynette 12/25/2020

    Host, Lynette Greene, welcomes Vickie Williams, a woman who has endured years of dysfunction in her relationship with her mother. Vickie tells a very detailed story of a young girl who grew up in New York navigating her way through what appeared to be hatred from her mother. After years of endu...

  • "Forgiving Yourself" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    In this episode, Paula takes you on a journey and communicates the importance of forgiving yourself. She discusses how this action is one of the hardest things for anyone to do. Paula share’s her personal story on how God led her through forgiving herself and how to love herself right where she...

  • "Brady's Story" on COFFEE with Kim

    Lights go on the tree, mistletoe hangs from the ceilings...but where do we put our hurt during the holiday season? On today's COFFEE, Kim talks with pain-stricken parents who found hope when God gave them a place and purpose for their grief.

  • Kinita on Remorselessly Biblical with Beth Fisher.

    What does it mean to really be included? It's going to look different for each of us. That is exactly what today's guest - Author, International Speaker, and Cultural Expert, Kinita Kadnar Schripsema helps us unpack. Kinita was born in India, has a heart for Jesus and asks HARD questions like, "I...

  • "The Power Of Confidence" on The Yafah Life with Jacquelyn Rivers 11/24/2020

    Tonight Jacquelyn Rivers continues the series on "The Power Of Confidence" with her Yafah Guest, Taylor Bell. Taylor will share her story on how she bridges together her self-confidence with God-confidence in order to live a healthy, happy and whole life!

  • The Yafah Life Show with Jacquelyn Rivers 11/17/2020

    Tonight on The Yafah Life Show we start the New series on "The Power Of Confidence"! So join me and my Yafah guest Dr. Jos Rey-Sutton as she shares her story on "Stratigies For Beautiful Confidence"!

  • #068 - "What Are You Thinking About"

    Recorded on Sunday, October 21, 2020 at City of Destiny in Apopka, Florida during the live online streaming broadcast. For more information, please visit City of Destiny Website.

    Pastor Paula White Cain is on Instagram and Twitter @Paula_White

  • "Financial Freedom" on The Christian View

    The Christian View discuss what financial freedom looks like for a believer and how does one achieve financial freedom. The TCV Team is joined with Financial expert Chip Brackley.

  • Superpower on COFFEE with Kim -11/12/2020

    How many of us wish we were filled with powers and abilities far beyond those of mere mortals? MAYBE not to change the course of mighty rivers or bend steel with our bare hands, BUT instead, to fight the never-ending battle for truth, to save the world, to save a friend? The truth is we can have ...

  • "Unwrapping Your Worth" on Monday Motivation with Daira Avery