Personal Development

  • "Tips to Avoid Relationship Stress" on Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy

    Join Dr. Trudy as she discusses 4 tips on how to overcome relationship stresses. Every relationship will have challenges but with the proper tools, your relationship can become stronger as you learn to work through these challenges with Christ in the center! Grab your pen, paper and bible and ...

  • "Finish Strong" on Embracing Freedom Today with Myshel Wilkins

    It's easy to start something but much harder to finish strong. As we walk with the Lord and encounter life's obstacles, the goal to finish strong in Christ, must be one of our hearts greatest desire.

  • "6 Keys to Living Free in the Midst of Chaos" on Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy

    Join Dr. Trudy Monday night at 10:00 pm on Life Network for Woman, as she discusses how to keep Christ in the center of every relationship.
    Dr. Trudy will also give you 6 keys to Living Free in Christ in the midst of chaos. Grab your pen, paper and your coffee… you do not want to miss this!

  • "How To Keep Your Marriage Spicy" on The Yafah Life with Jacquelyn Rivers

    Angie Woods, Certified Christian Marriage Therapist, joins me tonight to discuss "How To Keep Your Marriage Spicy"

  • "First Fruits 2021 - Part 4" on Paula Today

    Are you ready to live a life full of God's presence? Seek God first in all things, and you will see blessings in every area of your life!

    Episode 239d-FF2021-Teach-P4-INTERNET-5K

  • "The Rebuild-Part 1" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    In this episode Paula Abbott explains how to rebuild your life by using Nehemiah and the steps he took to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah and his family had destroyed the walls and they burned down the gates that were there to protect them. Just like in real life we, burn bridges and t...

  • "Understanding the Goodness of God" on Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy

    Often Christians have a misunderstanding of the Goodness of God! When we have a misunderstanding of God, it effects all of our relationships.
    Join Dr. Trudy as she walks you through the distorted view of God you may have so that you can truly see the Goodness of God.

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  • "First Fruits 2021 - Part 2 Preach" on Paula Today

    What is your 2021 going to look like? Is it going to be full of power, breakthrough, and blessing? How would you know?
    It's a principle, the principle of First Fruits.

    Episode 240b-FF2021-Preach-P2-INTERNET-5K

  • "Taking Your Authority " on Ignite TV with Rachel Griffith

    God has given you authority in this Earth to see victory. Through His power and might in us, giants are defeated and mountains are moved!

    Rachel Griffith is an international minister of the gospel of Christ. She has been preaching the uncompromised word of God to the nations for the past deca...

  • "Take the Day Off" on Paula Today

    There are 4 Tanks to Refuel: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, & Emotional

    Episode 191-LifeNet-TakeTheDayOff-INTERNET-5K

  • "The Healing Power of Animals of the Wild" Visibly Fit w/ Wendie Pett

     Join Wendie Pett on Visibly Fit as she interviews Dave Coleburn of Predators of the Heart, a 10-acre exotic animal refuge. They talk about the healing power of being around animals of the wild. You’ll hear Dave’s heart to share the love and the gospel of Jesus Christ to others through his dedi...

  • "Relationships 2020" on Paula Today

    Episode 194-LifeNet-Show-Relationships2020-INT-7K

  • "What to do when you have low desire or no desire?" on The Sofa's Edge

    Victorya Rogers and Debby Wade offer hope and help for women who experience low desire or even no desire for sex with their spouse. Tune in to get practical advice on what a wife can do to enjoy intimacy with her husband.

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  • "Napkin Folding & Kitchen Organization" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    The atmosphere in a family dwelling determines the destiny of those who live there. Join me today to learn a proper table setting, napkin folding, kitchen organization and more practical tips to make your home a place of love and peace.

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  • "Your NEW SEASON" on SOIL+STARS with Mariah Jean

    Join us as we dive into the HEART OF GOD in this NEW THING He is doing on the Earth and how to partner with Him through our LIVES!

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  • "Law of the Mirror" on Goals with God: Moms Edition with Koach Katlyn

    Sometimes the toughest thing we can do is look in the mirror and see ourselves for who we really are! However, if we don’t see value in ourselves we won’t add value to ourselves. During this episode we will take a journey to look ourselves in the mirror to see who we really are so we can Grow!

  • "Show NO Mercy" on Embracing Freedom Today with Myshel Wilkins

    What do you do when God pardons your enemy? How do you handle mercy shown to someone who has hurt you? Let’s talk about it!

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  • "Relationships 2021 - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Let's talk relationships! We all want them, lose them, need them, desire them...join Paula and Jon today to talk about how to be happy healthy and whole!

    Scripture: Genesis 2:18, Genesis 3:19, 1 Peter 4:8, 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 (The Message)

    Episode 241a

  • "God has Something Greater for You" on Paula Today

    Something Greater: God has a plan and purpose for your life! Explore what the Bible has to say about it as Paula White Cain explains the Lord's plan for Jesus and ultimately, for You!

    Special Musical performance of "Something Greater" by Jonathan Cain

    Luke 1:26-28, Romans 11:34-36,...

  • "Relationships 2021 - Part 2" on Paula Today

    How do we make relationships work? In our relationships with our children, family, co-workers, do we become happy, health, and whole in our relationships?

    Special Musical Performance "Beautiful in Every Way" by Jonathan Cain

    Scripture: Ezekiel 16, Romans 15:7, Romans 12:10, 1 Co...

  • 208a-LifeNet-WhyTheEnemyShowsUp-P1-INT-5K

  • "The Holy Spirit is Our Counselor" on Always More Tv with Rebecca Keener

    Join Rebecca Keener as we begin a study the most important Person on earth today, The Holy Spirit. He gives us the counsel and the strength we need when we go through difficult times and face challenging decisions.

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  • "Dating Your Spouse" on The Sofa's Edge

    Victorya Rogers and Debby Wade discuss the importance of dating your spouse to continually build upon emotional intimacy of a healthy marriage. They give dating ideas, share how to manage expectations, and discuss how to begin dating after a long dry spell. If you want to bring back that loving...

  • “The Law of Awareness” on Goals with God:Moms Edition with Koach Katlyn

    Do you struggle knowing yourself? Did you know that you must know yourself to grow yourself? During this episode Koach Katlyn will guide you on the importance of becoming self-aware and how you can do that! This episode will help you know who you are so you can decide where you want to go.