Paula White Cain

Paula White Cain

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Paula White Cain is the president of Paula White Ministries and the spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump. She hosts Paula Today and is a renowned life coach, bestselling author, and highly sought-after motivational speaker. Paula’s commitment to humanity is felt worldwide as she reaches out through numerous charities and compassion ministries, fulfilling her mission and call to transform lives, heal hearts, and win souls. She is also the oversight Pastor of City of Destiny, located in Apopka, Florida outside of Orlando.

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Paula White Cain
  • "Something Greater: Let Go and Let God" on Faithfully

    Episode 1

    Paula White Cain and Jonathan Cain discuss the topic of "How to let go and let God".

  • "Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties" on Faithfully

    Episode 2

    Many try to move on with their lives but things from their past seem to hold them back. Soul ties could be the cause. Your soul has to do with your mind, will, and emotions. Signs of ungodly soul ties: Irrational thinking, stuck on negative emotions, shut down emotionally, unhealthy attractions, ...

  • "Cast Your Burdens: Release!" on Faithfully

    Episode 3

    Scripture: Luke 13:11, Psalm 55:22,