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Paula White Cain

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Paula White Cain is the president of Paula White Ministries and City of Destiny. She hosts Paula Today and is a renowned life coach, bestselling author, and highly sought-after motivational speaker. Paula’s commitment to humanity is felt worldwide as she reaches out through numerous charities and compassion ministries, fulfilling her mission and call to transform lives, heal hearts, and win souls. She is also the oversight Pastor of City of Destiny, located in Apopka, Florida outside of Orlando.

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Paula White Cain
  • "Resting Under the Shadow - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 1

    What stops you from operating in the Kingdom of God and seeing God's promises? Fear. Today Paula is going to help you overcome the cycle of fear as we look in Psalm 91.

    Episode 272a-RestingUnderTheShadow-P1-INT-5K

  • "Hezekiah 2021 - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 2

    God is about to divinely step in, and there is going to be a SUDDENLY in your life!

    Episode 271b-Hezekiah-Suddenly-P2-2022-INT-5K

  • "Hezekiah 2021 - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 3

    The Bible mentions 'suddenly' over 40 times! Expect God to do a “SUDDEN” restoration in your life! A 'SUDDEN' defeat over your enemies! A 'SUDDEN' deliverance!

    Episode 271a-Hezekiah-Suddenly-2021-P1-INT-5K

  • "The Law of Hunger" on Paula Today

    Episode 4

    Jesus can only work with what you put in His hands. Your peace, your finances, your faith. Put it in His hands and watch it multiply like the 5 loaves and 2 fishes of Matthew 14!

    Episode 270-TheLawOfHunger-INT-5K

  • "Break Generational Curses - Part 3" on Paula Today

    Episode 5

    God says he has set before us life and death, blessings and cursing. We have to remember that both blessings and curses can be generational! Jon and Paula discuss how to break a generational curse and release blessings.

    Episode 269c-GenerationalBlessing3-INT-5K

  • "Break Generational Curses - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 6

    God's Word has a lot to say about both blessings and curses. A generational curse not only goes to an individual, it goes onto a community. Until someone breaks that curse! Today Jon and Paula teach you how to break a curse and release generational blessings.

    Episode 269b-GenerationalBlessing...

  • "Break Generational Curses - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 7

    Generational Curses – They are real and can be passed down from generation to generation, until they are RECOGNIZED AND BROKEN! It’s time to break the curse and release the blessings!

    Episode 269a-GenerationalBlessing1-INT-5K

  • "Tabernacles - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 8

    We are celebrating the third part of God’s feast season, season, Sukkot or, the Feast of Tabernacles! It commemorates God coming to indwell with us. This is a celebration time, a time to be full of joy, it is party time! There are great blessings for you! Join Paula and Jon today!

    Episode 26...

  • "Tabernacles - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 9

    We are in the last feast season, a divine appointment by God, we are in the Feast of Tabernacles, or in Hebrew ‘Sukkot!’ This is about the Holy Spirit dwelling with us, it is time to celebrate God tabernacling with us! Join Paula and Jon today!

    Episode 268a-Tabernacles2021-P1-INT-5K

  • "Holy of Holies - Preaching" on Paula Today

    Episode 10

    We are entering through that final veil, the Holy of Holies, where God dwells. There we find the Ark of the Covenant, and the Mercy Seat. The Mercy Seat is where mercy comes for your mess! Don't miss this, watch Paula Today!!!

    Episode 266-HolyOfHolies-PREACH-INT-5K

  • "Outer Court - Preaching" on Paula Today

    Episode 11

    The tabernacle reveals a pattern of the way into the holiest, into the very presence of God. The journey through the Tabernacle and to the Holy of Holies begins in the Outer Court!

    Episode 265-OuterCourt-PREACH-MercyMess-INT-5K

  • "Holy of Holies - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 12

    Today we go into the Holy of Holies, the presence, the pathway of God! God desires that we get alone with Him within the Holy of Holies. Join Paula and Jon as they explore what awaits those entering the veil.

    Episode 264b-HolyOfHolies-P2-MercyMess-INT-5K

  • "Holy of Holies - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 13

    When it’s just you and God, nothing else matters. God has one request of you: Get alone with Him—your spirit with His Spirit in the Holy of Holies! Join Pastor Paula and Jon as they take you into the Holy of Holies in this detailed study.

    Episode 264a-HolyOfHolies-P1-INT-5K

  • "Holy Place - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 14

    Throughout scripture it is clear that God wants to dwell with man. Pastor Paula and Jon take you into the Inner Court for a study of God’s Table of Showbread, as we understand the pieces of the Tabernacle and how we can actually dwell with God.

    Episode 263a-Pathway-Holy-Place-P1-INT-5K

  • "Outer Court - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 15

    God has wanted to fellowship with man, even to this day. There has always been a Pathway to His Presence...stay tuned to learn more about the Outer Court today!

    Episode 262a-PathwayToHisPresence-OuterCourt1-INT-5K

  • "God has Something Greater for You - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 16

    Episode 180b-SH-Hammond2019-P2-INTERNET-5K

  • "Something Greater - Part 2: Than Fear" on Paula Today

    Episode 17

    Episode 177b-LifeNet-SomethingGreater2019-P2-Fear-INTERNET-5K

  • "Something Greater - Part 1: Let Go and Let God" on Faithfully

    Episode 18

    Sometimes we get in our own way, we overcomplicate things, and take control, when what we really need to do, is let go, and let God take you to your something greater. Paula White Cain and Jonathan Cain discuss the topic of "How to let go and let God."

    Episode 177a-Life-SomethingGreater2019-P1-...

  • "Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties" on Faithfully

    Episode 19

    Many try to move on with their lives but things from their past seem to hold them back. Soul ties could be the cause. Your soul has to do with your mind, will, and emotions. Signs of ungodly soul ties: Irrational thinking, stuck on negative emotions, shut down emotionally, unhealthy attractions, ...

  • "Pray, Fast, Give: When You Give" on Paula Today

    Episode 20

    Three keys that unlock the supernatural power in your life are prayer, fasting, and giving. The bible has over 2,000 verses on money and possessions. Money is a test. It reveals your priorities, loyalties, affections, and heart. Money without a mission is materialism, but money with purpose is wh...

  • "Pray, Fast, Give: When You Pray" on Faithfully

    Episode 21

    If you do these three things in secret, God will reward you openly. When you pray, when you fast, and when you give. Prayer is essential. It is the vehicle that brings the will of God to pass from heaven and manifest on the earth. Paula teaches the 8 different types of prayer. Jon testifies about...

  • "Casting Your Burdens: Setting Boundaries" on Paula Today

    Episode 22

    Burdens in life can weigh you down. Learn how to not let the burdens break your focus and to get you out of position and out of alignment. The bible tells us to cast our burdens on God. God has a plan and purpose for your life. There is a grace that is sufficient to carry you in your calling.


  • "Cast Your Burdens: Release!" on Faithfully

    Episode 23

    Scripture: Luke 13:11, Psalm 55:22,

  • "Transforming Your Marriage" on Faithfully

    Episode 24

    Where there is love, the enemy is going to want access. Jon and Paula discuss putting God first in your home and marriage. They discuss topics such as how to heal divisions and separations. How to ask the Holy Spirit to intervene on behalf of your marriage. Also, they talk about how the words you...