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Paula Today

3 Episodes

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Paula Today
  • Casting Your Burdens: Setting Boundaries

    Episode 1

    Burdens in life can weigh you down. Learn how to not let the burdens break your focus and to get you out of position and out of alignment. The bible tells us to cast our burdens on God. God has a plan and purpose for your life. There is a grace that is sufficient to carry you in your calling.


  • Pray, Fast, Give: When You Fast

    Episode 2

    Jesus taught on three things that are tools for believers for breakthrough. Prayer, fasting and giving. Fasting doesn't move God, it moves you. It's about denying the appetites of the flesh which allows you to draw closer to God. Paula gives you the overview of the different types of fasts and di...

  • Pray, Fast, Give: When You Give

    Episode 3

    Three keys that unlock the supernatural power in your life are prayer, fasting, and giving. The bible has over 2,000 verses on money and possessions. Money is a test. It reveals your priorities, loyalties, affections, and heart. Money without a mission is materialism, but money with purpose is wh...