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  • "The Jesus Code - Part 3" on Paula Today

    Episode 1

    Jon and Paula study deeper into 'The Jesus Code' - those hard sayings, the ones with multiple meanings. Today we are getting into John 4 where Jesus tells a woman, "you'll never thirst again if you drink of me..." So today join Paula for a study of what is really in the water and the bread.


  • "The Jesus Code - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 2

    Jon and Paula continue 'The Jesus Code' and examine some of the complex sayings of Jesus. 'Like he that is not with me, is against me'...what did He really mean? Stay tuned.

    Episode 259b-TheJesusCode-P2-INT-5K

  • "The Jesus Code - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 3

    Have you ever wondered about the deep meaning of bible illustrations or why certain stories were included? We examine several illustrations given to us by Jesus and take an in-depth look at how they apply to our lives today.

    Episode 259a-TheJesusCode-P1-INT-5K

  • "Kingdom of God 2021 - Part 3" on Paula Today

    Episode 4

    When we say or hear the 'Kingdom of God', that literally means the rulership of God; which is the extension of God in the earth. What does that have to do with you?

    Episode 258c-KingdomOfGod-P3-INT-5K

  • "Kingdom of God 2021 - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 5

    What did Jesus really mean by 'thy Kingdom come?' Get ready as Jon and Paula discuss the Kingdom of God!

    Episode 258b-KingdomOfGod-P2-INT-5K

  • "Kingdom of God 2021 - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 6

    What is the Kingdom of God? Without that understanding you don't know the main message Jesus brought. This message of Kingdom is going to give you principles to help you understand how to succeed in your family, finances, faith, and purpose...get ready!

    Episode 258a-KingdomOfGod-P1-INT-5K

  • "Relationships 2021 - Part 4" on Paula Today

    Episode 7

    Let's talk relationships! Join Paula and Jon today to talk about how to be happy healthy and whole!

    Episode 257-RelationshipTeach-P4-INT-5K

  • "Pentecost 2021 - Preaching - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 8

    No matter your situation, God says 'suddenly'! God is about to increase you, multiply you, and do the supernatural and bring miracles to you. Join Paula for a Word on Pentecost.

    Episode 256b-Pentecost2021-Preach-P2-INT-5K

  • "Pentecost 2021 - Preaching - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 9

    We are coming up into a very supernatural time, Pentecost is a divine appointment God has set with you. God has an outpouring for you!

    Episode 256a-Pentecost2021-Preach-P1-INTERNET-5K

  • "Pentecost 2021" on Paula Today

    Episode 10

    The Day of Pentecost is quickly approaching! Get ready for your suddenly, because if it is important to God, it must be important to us!

    Episode 255-Pentecost-OutpouringofHisSpirit-INT-5K

  • "Pentecost 2021 - Teach Part-2" on Paula Today

    Episode 11

    Pastor Paula walks you through God’s Feast of Pentecost and the necessity of the power of Pentecost for daily living. God has a ‘suddenly’ for you!

    Episode 254b-ThePowerOfPentecost-2021-P2-INT-5K

  • "The Principle of Stewardship 2021" on Paula Today

    Episode 12

    There is a powerful, life-changing revelation God wants you to understand! The Principle of Stewardship. Good stewardship will lead to health, favor, and responsibility God desires to put into your hands for the Kingdom of God!

    Episode 253-PrincipleOfStewardship2021-INTERNET-5K

  • "Pentecost 2021 - Teach - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 13

    Pentecost means “fiftieth” and 50 days after the Ascension of Jesus, REVIVAL would come, as the little band of 120 believers tarried in an Upper Room in Jerusalem, waiting for the promise of the Father.

    Episode 254a-ThePowerOfPentecost-2021-P1-INT-5K

  • "Turning Mistakes Into Miracles" on Paula Today

    Episode 14

    Gehazi made a BIG mistake by stealing what belongs to God..but he turns his mistake into a miracle! He went from a leprous outcast to sitting with the King!

    Episode 252-TurningMistakesIntoMiracles-INT-5K

  • "Remnant Church And Revival - 2021 Preach" on Paula Today

    Episode 15

    52% of evangelicals do not accept or do not believe in absolute moral truths! What is happening? When the church does not get it right, the world certainly cannot get it right. Revival is coming!

    Episode 251-RemnantChurchAndRevival-Preach-INT-5K

  • "Remnant Church and Revival 2021" on Paula Today

    Episode 16

    There is a Remnant rising up to release God's greatness! It is time for the true Remnant Church to pray and intercede for Revival!

    Episode 250-RemnantChurchAndRevival-COMBO-INT-5K

  • "Remnant 2021 Teaching" on Paula Today

    Episode 17

    “American Christianity is rapidly conforming to the VALUES of a post-Christian secular culture.” Pastor Paula White Cain shares shocking statistics and information concerning the consequences of the removal of God from the fabric of our society today!

    Episode 249-RemnantChurch-StudioTeach-INT-5K

  • "Supernatural Favor 2021" on Paula Today

    Episode 18

    God is going to cause you to increase in Favor. This Supernatural Favor is going to open up supernatural doors that no man can shut! Favor is going to bring promotion to your life!

    Episode 248_PaulaWhite-Favor-INTERNET-5K

  • "Easter 2021 Preach - Part 3" on Paula Today

    Episode 19

    On Resurrection Sunday Jesus got up and gave us victory! He created a new covenant by His blood that He sealed and watches over for us.

    Episode 247c-Easter2021-PreachP3-INTERNET-5K

  • "Easter 2021 Preach - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 20

    We are celebrating one of the greatest days of all of our lives, Great Friday. The day Jesus Christ was crucified, but without the crucifixion there would be no resurrection. Jesus got up so you could get up, to give us life and life more abundantly!

    Episode 247b-Easter2021-Preach-P-INTERNET-5K

  • "Easter 2021 Preach - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 21

    God gave us a miracle through the Passover Lamb, the sinless, spotless lamb of Jesus Christ. You have life through Christ because on the third day He rose up!

    Episode 247a-Easter2021-Preach-P1-INTERNET-5K

  • "Palm Sunday 2021 - Preach Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 22

    The Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ, has given you something that money can't buy, you can't earn, we don't deserve, but God has done for you. When you begin to say "Hosanna! Hosanna!" breakthrough is released for you!

    Episode 246b-PalmSunday2021-Preach-P2-INT-5K

  • "Palm Sunday 2021 - Preach Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 23

    This is the season that we really understand the blood covenant that was made for us through the shedding of the blood of the innocent lamb, our Passover lamb, Jesus Christ.

    Episode 246a-PalmSunday2021-Preach-P1-INT-5K

  • "The Hebraic Meaning of the First Passover" on Paula Today

    Episode 24

    We are in the most exciting, life-changing, miracle-working seasons of the whole year – the Passover, Easter, and Resurrection Season! Join Paula and special guest author, Mark Gerson, as they discuss the Hebraic meaning of the first Passover!

    Episode 245-PassoverCombo-Gerson-INT-5K