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  • "Breakthrough: Living a Life that Overflows w/Rabbi Jason Sobel" on Paula Today

    Episode 1

    Paula and Rabbi Jason Sobel ask, "How do I live in Breakthrough and the Overflow of God?" Decade Starting with Hebrew Year 5780, God has His established seasons revealed in the Hebraic Calendar which is regulated by the positions of both the moon and the sun. What Limitation have you placed on y...

  • "Women of the Bible: Part 3 - Hannah" on Paula Today

    Episode 2

    Join Paula as she shares on "Women of the Bible," specifically on Hannah. Hannah helps to fulfill her purpose by overcoming her pain, Her name means Favor and Grace, but still there is a hole in her heart. The enemy was trying to get into Hannah's family to try to divide and conquer. Hannah co...

  • "Women of the Bible: Part 2 - Ruth" on Paula Today

    Episode 3

    Join Paula as she shares on "Women of the Bible," specifically on Ruth. Ruth will be used to bring forth King David. God doesn't consult your past to determine your future! The Book of Ruth is to show the Grace of God and established the genealogy of King David, it also helps reveal that there...

  • "Women of the Bible: Part 1 - Dorcas" on Paula Today

    Episode 4

    Join Paula as she shares on "Women of the Bible," specifically on Dorcas. How to get Restored when we feel burned out? Is my life out of whack? Set up healthy boundaries. However, we are to help others with their Life-crush Burdens (i.e. Each Others Burdens) but allow them (and ourselves) to han...

  • "A Resurrected Life" on Paula Today

    Episode 5

    Join Paula as she shares a powerful message on A Resurrected Life.
    The Five E's of Easter/Resurrection, sharing on 3 of the 5; 1.) Everlasting Love 2.) Expectation and 5.) Eternal Assignment

    Obstacles to Resurrection Life:
    1.) Physical Barrier
    2.) Political Barrier
    3.) Personal Barrier


  • "Passover Teaching 2022 - Part 3" on Paula Today

    Episode 6

    Passover: Power in the Blood, Passover: Your Deliverance, Your Freedom, Your Protection.

    Scripture References: Exodus 12, Exodus 12:13-14, Exodus 12:14, Ezekiel 16:6, 1 Corinthians 5:7, Exodus 6:5, Exodus 7, 12, Exodus 11:4-5

    Prayer Requests? Call: 1.800.598.8892 Online:

  • "Passover Teaching 2022 - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 7

    Continue diving deeper into the scriptures as Paula explores Passover, God's Divine Appointment. God has a plan of Deliverance for ALL His people! He is a God that lives by His Covenant. Remember the Lord's Covenant He has made with YOU during this Passover Season. Passover is about Your Free...

  • "Passover Teaching 2022 - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 8

    The Feast of Passover points to Christ our Passover Lamb. The Feast of Unleavened Bread points to Christ as our Bread of Life. Jesus' crucifixion is celebrated on Good Friday and His Resurrection on Resurrection Sunday, also called Easter. The Blood of the Lamb around the doorposts represents ...

  • "Passover: Aligning with God's Appointed Times" on Paula Today

    Episode 9

    Paula White-Cain and Rabbi Jason talk about God's Divine Appointment for You, Passover. Order brings alignment and alignment brings blessing. When the 'shoots' (Gentiles) connects to the 'Roots' (Hebraic) massive fruit will come forth! In Christ you are above your past, Identity is your Destin...

  • "Esther 2022 - Part 3" on Paula Today

    Episode 10

    Paula wraps up on the teaching on Esther, who was a Jewish orphan but raised to the status of Queen while also explaining "Haman" Isaiah 46:10 NIV, Esther 4:14, Esther 2:15, Esther 3:13. Esther 3:1

    Episode 287c-Esther2022-P3-INT-5K

  • "Esther 2022 - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 11

    On this episodes of Paula Today, "Esther - Part 2" is covered where Paula dives into the scriptures, with Esther 2 and then Esther 3, where Haman wants to destroy God's people.

    Episode 287b-Esther2022-P2-INT-5K

  • "The Power of Prayer - 2022" on Faithfully

    Episode 12

    Join Paula and Jon as they delve deep into the topic of Prayer. They discuss the principles of Prayer in the Christian life, a place to pray, and they explore the 8 different types of prayer.

    Episode 286-ThePowerOfPrayer-2022-INT-7K

  • "Esther 2022 - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 13

    Paula and Jon share on Esther, who is a person of obedience to God and positioned to obey His divine calling by the Holy Spirit!

    Musical Performance by Jonathan Cain, "Beautiful in Every Way," visit

    Episode 287a-Esther-2022-P1-INT-7K

  • "Power of Vision" on Faithfully

    Episode 14

    Has God given you a word...A Vision for 2022?
    Numbers 13:1-2, 13:26, 13:32-33, 23:19

    Episode 284-Power OfVision-2022-10K-INT

  • "Love Is In The Air" on Faithfully

    Episode 15

    Good Relationships require Good Communication! Improving Communication: Choosing the right words will convey exactly what you mean. Empathy is a key relationship skill. God First in all of your relationships. You must develop realistic expectation together in order to have Healthy and Whole R...

  • "The Power of Fasting 2022" on Faithfully

    Episode 16

    Join Paula and Jon as they share on the topic of Fasting. Dive deep into the principle of fasting which can reveal the Will of God in your life. The three Tools from God; Pray, Give and Fast. Joel 2:24, 26. Fasting is a physical obedience that will provide Spiritual Release in your life. Matt...

  • "First Fruits 2022 - Part 5" on Paula Today

    Episode 17

    God First; in your family, in your career, in your ministry, and in your health. What you do with the First Portion governs what happens to the remaining portion.

    Episode 281e-FirstFruits-2022-P5-INT-7K

  • "First Fruits 2022 - Part 4" on Paula Today

    Episode 18

    Join Paula as she continues teaching on First Fruit 2022 with Part 4, Make sure we put God First in everything. What you do with the First...governs what happens to the rest!

    Episode 281d-FirstFruits-Teach-2022-P4-INT-7K

  • "Living in a Place Called Promise - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 19

    If you do not know where you are going (or have a picture of your future), you will not know how to get there!

    Episode 282b-APlaceCalledPromise-P2-INT-7K

  • "Living in a Place Called Promise - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 20

    Blessing is basically when you worship (kneel) and adore God, He adores you back! Today, we are focusing on “Going into the new year with ‘VISION’…

    Episode 282a-APlaceCalledPromise-P1-INT-7K

  • "First Fruits 2022 - Part 3" on Paula Today

    Episode 21

    God claims the FIRST of ALL THINGS! It rightfully belongs to Him. When we apply the Principle of First Fruits, we see that all firsts should be given to the Lord: the first of the day, week (Sabbath), month, and the first of our harvest. It is a principle…

    Episode 281c-FirstFruits-Teach-2022-...

  • "First Fruits 2022 - Part 2" on Paula Today

    Episode 22

    What you do first will determine what will happen to the rest. Stay tuned to find out about the principle of first-fruits.

    Episode 281b-FirstFruits-P1-INT-7K

  • "First Fruits 2022 - Part 1" on Paula Today

    Episode 23

    What happens when a person puts God first? All things according to His will, will be added to them. Today join Paula and Jon to learn about God's principle of firsts!

    Episode 281a-FirstFruits-P2-INT-5K