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Nicole Crank

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Nicole Crank and her husband David are the founders and lead pastors of, bloggers and authors, with four church campuses in St. Louis, Missouri and two campuses in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. The church has been recognized as Outreach Magazine’s 53rd largest church in America in 2017 and was the 31st fastest growing church according to Outreach Magazine in 2014. Faith Church is now ranked one of the top 10 most influential churches in America by Newsmax Magazine.

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Nicole Crank
  • Nicole Crank and Real Talk Kim "Mourn and Move Through"

    Episode 1

    Whatever you're facing today you can overcome your trouble through Christ and reach your triumph over the trial.

  • Nicole Crank and Guest M'lisa Goff "Tragedy to Triumph"

    Episode 2

    In a full body cast from a horrific accident, M'lisa held on to God in her worst moment. M'lisa tells her incredible story of restoration from near death and shares her experience of tragically losing her son. A remarkable story of receiving supernatural closure from God.

  • Nicole Crank with Christina Miller and her daughter Juliana

    Episode 3

    What people say about you doesn't define who you are. Your identity is found in Christ. What God believes about you is true and what you believe about yourself matters.

  • Nicole Crank and special guest Shaun Nepstad

    Episode 4

    What do you do when the dream inside does not match the reality that is front of you? Are you feeling stuck in the dip? Cast all your cares on the Lord. Your hope is in the Lord. God is with you where you are. He hears you and cares about you. Don't make a bad decision and settle.

  • Nicole Crank "Prison to Pulpit"

    Episode 5

    Nicole and her very special guests Scott Highberger and Pastor Dave Gargano. Today's topic, From Prison to the Pulpit. The journey of a troubled youth to manhood in the prison system. Scott was arrested 35 times, 8 felony convictions and served 10 years in the penal system. Pastor Dave saw a pot...

  • Nicole Crank Single Parent... Single Parent Child

    Episode 6

    On Todays' episode, Nicole speaks candidly about her own single child, and single parent experiences. Along with her special guests, Beth Jones and her son, Austin Schuler you were learn how through the struggles of life, you too can achieve health and wholeness even if you are a single parent or...

  • Nicole Crank "Surviving Suicide" From the Pain to the Promise

    Episode 7

    Today on The Nicole Crank Show. Special guests Sheila Walsh and Tavner Smith talk candidly about life, depression and surviving the suicide of a family member.

  • Nicole Crank "Three Key Issues in any Marriage"

    Episode 8

    Discussion about techniques to building a better intimate marriage relationship, Discover keys to successful physical intimacy in a marriage relationship. Gas and water don't mix.

  • Nicole Crank "Shine Baby Shine"

    Episode 9

    God attracts you and the enemy distracts you. God wants you to accomplish your potential. Acts 9:3,4 God calls Paul (Saul) out of darkness and into His light. Acts 9:8,9 Paul became blind from His encounter with God. Gods' goodness and mercy was with Paul and His goodness is also with you. He is...

  • Nicole Crank Love Awakens

    Episode 10

    Hebrews 13:5

  • Nicole Crank, Jewel Tankard, Tekoa Pouerie and Junetta Barnes "Get Educated"

    Episode 11

    Nicole and her special guests with an open discussion about race and the racial divide. Understanding the history of repression and finding a solution that works.

  • Nicole Crank "Rejected.. Chosen" with Willie Moore Jr.

    Episode 12

    Nicole and her special guest Willie Moore Jr. talk about being adopted and what it means to be adopted into the family of God. He is in control, you belong, you are loved and you are needed.

  • Nicole Crank and her guest Cindy Irwin

    Episode 13

    On today's program, from an amateur teen advisor to marriage and sex therapist, Cindy Irwin shares her perspective on how you can have a more rewarding intimate relationship with your spouse.

  • Nicole Crank "Morning Routine"

    Episode 14

    Today, with her guest Dr. Eric Nepute, Nicole takes us on a journey through a typical day of her morning activities. An up close and personal walk through a day with Nicole. Today, we'll take Gods' "super" and walk in our "natural."

  • Nicole Crank with David & Nicole Binion, Rod, Ashton and Austin Parsely

    Episode 15

    Nicole and David Binion discuss what it was like to find out their child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A compassionate story of love and acceptance through Gods' unconditional love. Accepting the diagnosis, but also understanding Autism doesn't define the person. Walking life out by...

  • Nicole Crank with Chris Hodges and Jonathan Cain "Bucket List"

    Episode 16

    Nicole sits down with Pastor Chris Hodges to discuss making a list of those things you want to do before you "kick the bucket". Living life more intentionally and living in the moment, but also planning to do something that matters to others. Also, join Nicole and Jonathan Cain as they talk about...

  • Nicole Crank "Living Strong"

    Episode 17

    Join Nicole today as she explores exercises your can do at home in just 5 minutes. Sculpting your physique for energy, building muscle and burning excess bodyweight.1 Corinthians 6:19

  • Nicole Crank with Ashton Parsley and Grace Klein

    Episode 18

    Today on The Nicole Crank Show, don't live in the culture of comparison. Social media is only the highlight of a moment and doesn't truly represent life. God will bring that special person into your life as you serve and follow Him. Grace Klein shares how God took a very long time to bring her sp...

  • Nicole Crank with Tim and Heather Hawkins "Career Transitions"

    Episode 19

    Tim talks about how his start in comedy came out of desperation. How he chose to leave success in one area for the unknown of a new career and the effect it had on himself and his family. For Tim, redefining what success is liberated him from the burden of performance.

  • Nicole Crank at the Washington DC Bible Museum

    Episode 20

    If we could just know what God knows. His word will answer your questions today. If you don't discover your call, others will not be reached. Join Nicole today as together we discover the interesting facts about the Bible Museum in Washington, DC.

  • Nicole Crank Special guest Sarah Jakes Roberts

    Episode 21

    How do you handle the things in life that you didn't plan for? Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

  • Nicole Crank - Infertility

    Episode 22

    Cindy Thomas

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    When everything you believe gets tested.
    Mad at God?
    Anger when things don't go the way they are supposed to.

  • Nicole Crank with John 'Wolf of Wall Street' Clancy and Jed Chappell

    Episode 23

    Bouncing Back from Bad Decisions. How John Clancy went from a 24 year old millionaire to broke and busted. The amazing story of Gods' redemption through His unmerited favor, peace and grace. Jed talks about dealing drugs at 14 years old, a robbery gone wrong and his gun battle with the police. Fr...

  • Nicole Crank with guest Bishop Dale C Bronner: Stumbling Into Destiny

    Episode 24

    Overcoming obstacles and discovering your purpose. The end of the road is often just a bend in the road. God has a plan for you. Dr. Bronner shares the story of the health care products company and what it means to discover your destiny.