Messages with Kaya

Messages with Kaya

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Kaya's mission is to empower women, to be a voice for good, and to be an agent for positive change. She who knows the source of her strength is unstoppable. Kaya lets God use her trials in life to transform her and delights in His light. Using her platform for good, Kaya actively defends the sanctity of human life, the Constitution, religious liberty, free markets, limited government and opportunity for all.

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Messages with Kaya
  • "Music, Standards, and Faith" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 1

    In this episode Kaya talks about the music industry and how its lacking leadership, inspiration, and Psalm 42.

  • "The Greatest Conqueror" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 2

    Romans 8:37 says, " all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." Through Jesus, we can conqueror anything. No matter what you are facing, put your trust in God and see Him do amazing things in your life.

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  • "God Will Make a Way in the Desert" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 3

    Kaya Jones is back from some time away. She catches you up on what has been going on in her life and she has a message for those who are going through tough times right now. God will make a way. Don't give up.

  • "Elijah" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 4

    Join Kaya as she delves into the Bible, sharing & exploring Elijah, Jesus, and events today!

    Kaya is premiering a new episode every Tuesday afternoon on Life Network for Women and podcast platforms.

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  • "Walking By Faith" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 5

    We have to hold on to faith. In our world, and our nation, we are all dealing with a shifting. With that, we know that a breakthrough is coming. When a woman is about to give birth, that's when the most excruciating pain is but what comes afterwards is this incredible miracle. The thought of the ...

  • "God Present in Our Times of Need" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 6

    Kaya shares some of her life stories of how she has witnessed the Lord do what only she describes as miracles. Right now so many people need Him, especially right now when so many people feel broken and lost. Breakthrough that only God can do is coming. God is very present in our times of need.

  • "Breaking the Bondage of Fear" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 7

    Isaiah 41:10 says "Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand."
    Fear is not from God. During this time, must overcome fear so we can be effective and face our battles and challenges. ...

  • "Facing Fear and Anxiety" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 8

    In this episode, Kaya Jones talks about the fear and anxiety that people are facing during this time under isolation, confusion, and pressures of all kind. There is hope in God. Kaya encourages your faith and shares her strategy in dealing with this dark season.

  • "Spiritual Battles" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 9

    Kaya Jones talks about how spiritual battles affect us and how God will use dreams to speak prophetically. A spiritual battle isn't for your physical flesh and blood. These battles are for your soul and for the plan that God has for your life.

  • "My Testimony" on Messages with Kaya with Kaya Jones

    Episode 10

    Kaya Jones shares her testimony of her journey of faith. For the first time, she talks about many details from her childhood, her music career, and the events that lead her to becoming a political commentator.
    Kaya Jones is premiering a new episode every Tuesday afternoon on Life Network for Wome...

  • Introduction on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 11

    Kaya Jones gives a quick introduction on her story and her current journey of faith. She shares from her heart about why she is starting this video series and what she hopes to accomplish with her audience. She shares of her personal experiences with spiritual warfare and how it has affected her ...