Messages with Kaya

Messages with Kaya

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Kaya's mission is to empower women, to be a voice for good, and to be an agent for positive change. She who knows the source of her strength is unstoppable. Kaya lets God use her trials in life to transform her and delights in His light. Using her platform for good, Kaya actively defends the sanctity of human life, the Constitution, religious liberty, free markets, limited government and opportunity for all.

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Messages with Kaya
  • "Unity Teaching and Ukraine Call To Action!" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 3

    On this special edition of "Messages with Kaya," Kaya shares on unity focused on scriptures found in the Book of 1st Corinthians. Kaya shares on the importance of unity under Christ for the greater good of collectively helping others. She also shares an impassioned call to action to support tho...

  • "Jesus Speaks Teaching: John 5:39-47" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 2

    As Kaya continues through her unique teaching series on this season of "Messages with Kaya," she is delving into the Gospels again with an in-depth look into the Book of John, with the 5th Chapter, especially verses 45-47, however, also sharing on verses 39-45. Make sure to grab your Bible, note...

  • "Salt and Light Teaching: Matthew 5:13-16" on Messages with Kaya

    Episode 1

    On this new season of "Messages with Kaya," dive into the scriptures with Kaya as she teaches on relevant topics essential for daily Christian living and lifestyle. This first episodes dives deeply through Jesus' words on Salt and Light found in the Gospels, explicitly in the Book of Matthew, Ch...