Lynette Greene

Lynette Greene

Join host Lynette Greene as she hosts friends from all walks of life discussing various topics to impact your everyday living! Live Talk with Lynette uses the journey of life to share stories and have conversation with people you could meet in the grocery store or on a vacation. Life can be challenging and leave us with questions and scars. Live Talk with Lynette is used to foster conversation leading its viewers and listeners to healing.

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Lynette Greene
  • "Meet The Forstons" on Live Talk with Lynette

    Meet Derrick and Shonyasha (Shay) Forston, owners of Second Chance Housing, LLC and the Angela Denise Foundation. Derrick and Shay share the beginnings of their business venture and how after just a few months how their hard work, diligence and stick-to-it-ness paid off in a big way! They are cha...

  • “Meet The Forstons Part II” on Live Talk with Lynette

    Part II of Meet The Forstons is a collage of stories narrated by Derrick and Shay owners of Second Chance Housing, LLC and the Angela Denise Foundation, as they give us an inside tour of a couple of their facilities and give us the privilege of meeting a few of the residents whose lives have been...

  • "Vicki's Story" on Live Talk With Lynette

    Host, Lynette Greene, welcomes Vicki Williams, a woman who has endured years of dysfunction in her relationship with her mother. Vicki tells a very detailed story of a young girl who grew up in New York navigating her way through what appeared to be hatred from her mother. After years of enduri...