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  • Nicole Crank "Three Key Issues in any Marriage"

    Discussion about techniques to building a better intimate marriage relationship, Discover keys to successful physical intimacy in a marriage relationship. Gas and water don't mix.

  • "Meet The Forstons" on Live Talk with Lynette

    Meet Derrick and Shonyasha (Shay) Forston, owners of Second Chance Housing, LLC and the Angela Denise Foundation. Derrick and Shay share the beginnings of their business venture and how after just a few months how their hard work, diligence and stick-to-it-ness paid off in a big way! They are cha...

  • Paula & Jonathan Cain, Marriage, Divorce, Love & Sex - Part 1

    Open and honest teaching on important relationships topics ranging from divorce, celibacy, toxic relationships, sex before marriage, sex in marriage and more. Divorce is painful for everyone involved but it doesn’t have to mean your life is over. Celibacy and being single can be gift if viewed in...

  • Paula & Jonathan Cain, Marriage, Divorce, Love & Sex - Part 2

  • "Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties" on Faithfully

    Many try to move on with their lives but things from their past seem to hold them back. Soul ties could be the cause. Your soul has to do with your mind, will, and emotions. Signs of ungodly soul ties: Irrational thinking, stuck on negative emotions, shut down emotionally, unhealthy attractions, ...

  • Transforming Your Marriage

    Where there is love, the enemy is going to want access. Jon and Paula discuss putting God first in your home and marriage. They discuss topics such as how to heal divisions and separations. How to ask the Holy Spirit to intervene on behalf of your marriage. Also, they talk about how the words you...

  • Ginger Howard and Alveda King

    Ginger Howard and niece of Martin Luther King Jr., Evangelist Alveda King talk about the issue of race relationships, justice and offer their solution to reconciliation during a time of turmoil in our nation.

  • Nicole Crank - Infertility

    Cindy Thomas

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    When everything you believe gets tested.
    Mad at God?
    Anger when things don't go the way they are supposed to.

  • Cynthia Garrett "A Godly Chicks POV On Men"

    Hebrews 11. A definition of faith and the measure of a great man. The definition of what it means to be a man today is as important as ever. If you know who your spiritual examples are, then you can stand in faith and resurrect failure to greater things in your life.

  • Lisa Buldo "How to Forgive When You are Hurt"

    Forgiving others must come a place of knowing God forgave you in Christ. Luke 23:34 Jesus forgave those who abused, mocked and ultimately crucified Him on the cross at Calvary.

  • Lisa Buldo "How to Forgive Someone in a Leadership Role"

    Forgiveness is always through and in Jesus' name. The strength and courage to forgive comes from knowing who you are in Christ and what He has done for you. Romans 12:19 Be at peace with everyone, don't avenge yourself.

  • Nicole Crank Single Parent.... Single Parent Child"

    On Todays' episode, Nicole speaks candidly about her own single child, and single parent experiences. Along with her special guests, Beth Jones and her son, Austin Schuler you were learn how through the struggles of life, you too can achieve health and wholeness even if you are a single parent or...

  • Nicole Crank, Jewel Tankard, Tekoa Pouerie and Junetta Barnes "Get Educated"

    Nicole and her special guests with an open discussion about race and the racial divide. Understanding the history of repression and finding a solution that works.

  • Nicole Crank and her guest Cindy Irwin

    On today's program, from an amateur teen advisor to marriage and sex therapist, Cindy Irwin shares her perspective on how you can have a more rewarding intimate relationship with your spouse.

  • Nicole Crank with Tim and Heather Hawkins "Career Transitions"

    Tim talks about how his start in comedy came out of desperation. How he chose to leave success in one area for the unknown of a new career and the effect it had on himself and his family. For Tim, redefining what success is liberated him from the burden of performance.

  • Nicole Crank with Ashton Parsley and Grace Klein

    Today on The Nicole Crank Show, don't live in the culture of comparison. Social media is only the highlight of a moment and doesn't truly represent life. God will bring that special person into your life as you serve and follow Him. Grace Klein shares how God took a very long time to bring her sp...

  • Nicole Crank with David & Nicole Binion, Rod, Ashton and Austin Parsely

    Nicole and David Binion discuss what it was like to find out their child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A compassionate story of love and acceptance through Gods' unconditional love. Accepting the diagnosis, but also understanding Autism doesn't define the person. Walking life out by...