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Lisa Buldo
  • Lisa Buldo "How to Forgive Someone in a Leadership Role"

    Forgiveness is always through and in Jesus' name. The strength and courage to forgive comes from knowing who you are in Christ and what He has done for you. Romans 12:19 Be at peace with everyone, don't avenge yourself.

  • Lisa Buldo "How to Forgive When You are Hurt"

    Forgiving others must come a place of knowing God forgave you in Christ. Luke 23:34 Jesus forgave those who abused, mocked and ultimately crucified Him on the cross at Calvary.

  • Lisa Buldo "See Christ in the Mirror Looking Back at You"

    Lisa shares how powerful our relationship with Christ is and how we should see Christ in us as the hope of our glory. Galatians 2:20 The Apostle Paul writes that it is no longer that I live, but that Christ lives in me. If He is in you, then what does He want to do through you?

  • Lisa Buldo "Why You Must Be Born Again"

    1 Corinthians 2:14 The natural man does not recognize the things of Gods' Spirit. A new born baby has no past. When you accept Christ as your Savior, you are made brand new. Your past is erased for all eternity.

  • Lisa Buldo "Trust in God vs. Astrology and Psychics"

    On todays' episode, Lisa shares how she was addicted to Psychics. Eventually leading her into the study of witchcraft, Lisa was searching for something to fulfill her life. Not realizing she was dabbling in the occult. Plunging further into the darkness, married and divorced at 33, Lisa returned ...

  • Lisa Buldo "Everything Responds to Your Words"

    Matthew 12:34 Out of the abundance of your heart, comes your speech. Your life is going to go in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. Luke 6:45 A good man, out of the abundance of his heart, will speak good things.

  • Lisa Buldo "God Loves You and Sees You"

    On todays' episode, Lisa shares on the love of God and how He is always for you, He will never leave you, He believes in you, He has chosen you for a unique purpose. You can find your way by reading Gods' word. Be renewed in your mind by Gods' word. If you have a need, ask God according to His wo...

  • Lisa Buldo "Persecution Comes to All Who Live Godly"

    John 15:18 When you encounter resistance for the cause of Christ, remember the world first hated Jesus. On todays' episode, Lisa Buldo shares Godly principles that prepare you for victory over your adversaries. You can put on the shield of faith to stop the fiery darts of the enemy. Don't stop in...