Koach Katlyn

Koach Katlyn

Koach Katlyn is an Inspirational Speaker and Preacher who is known to entertain and equip audiences through her humorous and direct speaking style. She is also a TV Host on Atlanta Live, The Christian View, Goals with God Show, Leadership and LifeCoach, Author, business owner and former Mrs. Georgia United States 2019. She holds her Masters Degree in Global Organizational Leadership from Regent University and is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. She is also Co-Pastor of Encounter Life Church with her husband Jeremy where she speaks regularly and leads the women’s ministry.

Koach Katlyn’s on a mission to help young women accomplish their Goals with God in this life. She sees herself as a guide to help women identify their God-given goals and guiding them through various strategies and methods to achieve these goals. Koach Katlyn believes now more than ever that ambitious Christian women need to rise up to expand the Kingdom of God. The world will only change for the better if Kingdom people fulfill their Kingdom assignments. She empowers and equips women to do just that. This is seen through her books Slay and Pray and Habits Not Hopes, which both center around empowering ladies to live to their fullest potential. As a young woman who was both bullied and suffered from a life-threatening eating disorder, Katlyn knows the struggles ladies face and wants to help them rise up to be the queens they were created to be and reign in this life.

This mission has now expanded to empower Mothers as well through her program Goals with God: Moms Edition. As a brand new mom she knows the struggles it is to balance faith, motherhood, and still making time to accomplish their God-given goals. God has great plans for moms and Koach Katlyn is on a mission to equip them to do just that. Her show is committed to providing these resources to do just that.

When Katlyn isn’t speaking, coaching, writing, or TV Hosting, she enjoys running, reading, mentoring, spending time with her family, drinking coffee, and cooking yummy Mexican food! Katlyn is a Georgia Peach who currently resides in Georgia with her husband Jeremy Bryan and son Asher. Together they pastor Encounter Life Church.

Find more ways to connect with Koach Katlyn below:
Website: https://www.koachkatlyn.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KoachKatlyn/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koachkatlyn_/
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC4UptafppCnT_2ytWhNNjHg

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Koach Katlyn
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