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  • "God's Medicine" on The Great Physician with Debra Gaskill

    Proverbs tell us that God's Word is medicine. It is not "like" medicine. It "is" medicine. And the same medicine that gets you healed, keeps you healed. This week, we will learn how to take God's medicine and reap the benefits!

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  • "The Lord Our Healer" on The Great Physician with Debra Gaskill

    Currently, statistics say that 95% of people are dealing with some sort of physical malady. Throw on top of that a global pandemic! I grew up in a denomination that believed sickness or tragic accidents were God's way of teaching people a lesson. It wasn't until I desperately needed healed to sav...

  • "4 Pillars of Health & Fitness" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK with Angela Campbell

    As a busy woman in today’s world trying to get healthy, it’s extremely important to focus on all parts necessary to have success in your own health journey. The 4 pillars necessary that work in alignment are your fitness, nutrition, mindset and learning how to manage your stress. Fitness should...

  • "Our Mission For Women" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK with Angela Campbell

    Watch as Angela Campbell shares about Fitmama Health Talk and our Mission for Women and their Health leading with Faith. We specialize in helping women and moms simplify the process of getting healthy, losing weight & belly fat, all while staying healthy without sacrificing their time with their...

  • "Managing Stress this Christmas Season" on Remorselessly Biblical w/ Beth Fisher

    Christmas is amazing, but it can be STRESSFUL. In this episode, you will hear what Jesus did under stress and how he invites us to REST in him.

    From negative self-talk to being absolutely persecuted and attacked by people in our lives, Jesus dealt with it, too. So many times we forget (because ...

  • "Bridge of Healing" on Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy Simmons

    Bridge of Healing on Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy
    Join Dr. Trudy Simmons with Everyday Living as she talks about the challenging topic of Healing. Does Christ still heal today? How can we walk in wholeness?
    Jesus says in Mark 2:17 “ It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” 95...

  • Update with Mariam Delgado "Cancer"

    Mariam Delgado and Dr. Edith Sosa discuss nutrition and disease.

  • Nicole Crank "Living Strong"

    Join Nicole today as she explores exercises your can do at home in just 5 minutes. Sculpting your physique for energy, building muscle and burning excess bodyweight.1 Corinthians 6:19

  • Nicole Crank "Morning Routine"

    Today, with her guest Dr. Eric Nepute, Nicole takes us on a journey through a typical day of her morning activities. An up close and personal walk through a day with Nicole. Today, we'll take Gods' "super" and walk in our "natural."