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Join Rachelle Fletcher every other Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm EST on “Goodness Speaks” as we declare the goodness of God through real-life stories. You’ll learn how to use your voice to impact lives, share goodness in tangible ways, and live a life of generosity that builds the Kingdom.

I am the CoFounder of the Goodness Project, an organization that targets resources to children and families in crisis. We have locations in DFW, Nashville, Buffalo, Canada, and Israel. For more information:

On the Opposite Tuesday evening, make sure to catch Rachelle's other show, "A Voice for the Kingdom" also at 8:00 pm EST on the Network!

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  • "Hearts on Fire" on Goodness Speaks with Rachelle Fletcher

    Episode 1

    In this week’s episode, I welcome Jennifer Strickland, founder of UR More, who passionately shares the inspiring story of how her Executive Director, Kristen
    Jordan, had a dream to host an identity conference in her hometown where she’d experienced a heartbreaking past full of pain.
    You’ll lear...