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  • "Faith For Your Mindset and A Full Transformation" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 36

    Our Faith powers us through so much in life but it’s often overlooked when we are trying to change our life in the health aspect. Leaning on God for strength and power to push through a routine that can and will change your entire life is crucial.

    In this week’s episode, Angela shares her top bi...

  • " 9 Tips To Have A Successful Week" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 35

    In order to have a successful week ahead there are some things you can do to help make it happen. First if you learn to plan and map out time for yourself like we do others in our lives, we can keep a commitment to ourselves that helps us be better. Then when you continue to stay connected to f...

  • "Keeping Yourself A Priority" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 34

    In today’s world of busy running from one place to another with barely any time to breathe, a huge struggle for many is how to prioritize themselves while juggling it all. If you keep pushing through each day with no self care, or no attention to yourself, it is not if but when you will burn out...

  • Strategies To Calm Your Mind and Use Food To Fuel Your Mindset

    Episode 33

    When you are stressed and juggling many hats, your mind can run wild if you don’t learn ways to calm it down and control it. Calming your mind and taking back control when negative thoughts try to creep in can be one of the most powerful things you can become stronger at in your daily habits.


  • "Are Your Priorities Aligned With Your To Do List?" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 32

    Having a to do list of what needs to get done daily is helpful to stay productive. There is a feeling of accomplishment many of us have when we can check something off for the day...Do you also have a list of priorities and do they actually get added to your to do list?

    In this episode Angela ...

  • "Why we Teach Habits and not Diets for Real Results" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 31

    In today’s world, diets are thrown around all the time with different opinions of how to lose weight and big promises of fast results. What they don’t teach is how to change your whole life to create a lifestyle that you can get long term results in that can also allow you to have a life and enjo...

  • Finding Your Motivation and Knowing Where to Find it When You are Not Feeling It

    Episode 30

    Motivation is something that takes work to find, and it comes and goes often. When you are on a health journey, will power alone can’t get you going when motivation doesn’t exist. Learning more of why you are doing something, and what to do in moments where you just can’t find yourself with any...

  • "Your Mindset and It’s Role in Your Physical Health" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 29

    When on a journey to get healthy physically, mental health will play a huge role in getting the results you desire and most importantly keeping them. When you are starting a workout program or new diet plan, it can be exciting the first week or two. Then when the initial excitement wears off, yo...

  • "Fiber and It’s Role in your Nutrition for Weight Loss" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 28

    Nutrition can truly be the thing to help you live your healthiest life and feel your best. We talk about calories, protein, fats and even carbs but rarely discuss Fiber. In this episode, Angela shares the daily recommendations and some ideas of food to enjoy! When you have enough fiber in your ...

  • "Fats and the Healthy Options to Fuel Your Body" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 27

    On a journey to lose weight, healthy Fat sources in your nutrition can play a huge role in your success. When you incorporate Omega Fats in your daily nutrition you can benefit in your energy, weight loss, digestive health, heart health and so much more. Watch on this episode as Angela shares ho...

  • "Carbohydrates - The Body’s Preferred Source of Fuel" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 26

    When on a journey to lose weight, lose belly fat or simply become a healthier version of you and feel better, the first thing many want to cut out is carbs. Carbs in today’s world have been created as the cause to gain weight, and when you cut them out you lose weight. The truth is, you can get...

  • "The Power of Protein" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 25

    When working on nutrition and powering your body with the right fuel to feel and function at your best, Protein is a key macronutrient needed to succeed. Learning how to get enough protein can help increase your chances of losing weight, as well as feeling better, building muscle while also losi...

  • "Food is Your Medicine to Cure All" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 24

    Join Angela on the Fitmama Health Talk as she discusses the illnesses of today’s world and the power of Food and its effects on getting your life back. If you fuel your body with the right foods and are full of whole foods, you can change how you feel, function and even look. In today’s world s...

  • "How To Reset and Recharge in a Stressful Season in Life" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 23

    When you’re going through a stressful season of life it can take a huge impact on your health or just simply your will-power to keep working on it. Learning how to take a step back to reset and recharge can be highly important to get through it and keep going!
    Stressful times can drain you both...

  • "How To Overcome Negative Thoughts" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 22

    Our thoughts control our emotions, and these emotions control our actions. As you are on a healthy journey it’s easy for your thoughts to turn negative within seconds and then overtake your emotions that can often lead to making poor choices that affect your health.

    Oftentimes we have a moment ...

  • How to Eat Healthy While on the Go" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 21

    How do you eat healthy on the go and stay on track? This is a common question i get asked by busy mamas everyday that are trying to lose weight while juggling taking kids from one ball practice to the other. With limited time to cook and eat at home, there are some crucial steps you can take to...

  • "How To Set Your Goals" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 20

    Setting goals for a health journey are crucial to your success and knowing what you want to accomplish and keeping you motivated to keep going. When setting your goals so many focus on specific and measurable goals that only numbers can tell you if you are achieving success or not.

    In this vide...

  • "How To Track Real Life Progress Changes" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 19

    Tracking real life progress on your health journey has so much more impact that just tracking the changes you see or want to see in numbers. So many on a health journey give up after a bad progress check on the scale or any type of ‘result’ they’re looking for that is dictated by a number.


  • "Meal Prepping Made Simple and Easy" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 18

    Most of the time many skip an important step of meal prepping because they feel it has to take up hours in the kitchen in order to do it. The key is finding simple ways and use simple tools to cook a few meals in advance to help create a plan for your week that will keep you from reaching for le...

  • "Managing Your Time To Include Your Health Habits" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 17

    Time is one of the biggest things that hold many back from working on their own health goals. Lack of it is common in today's busy world. Learning ways to manage your time in a way that allows you to get some simple health habits in daily, can be one of the biggest life changing habits to adopt...

  • "What Causes Doubt & How To Overcome It" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK w/Angela Campbell

    Episode 16

    How to become aware Doubt is keeping you from your goals and how to overcome it is a huge area that is often overlooked. In today's world there are so many different things you can do to try to lose weight, or get results you desire with little work. These big promises with little effort have c...

  • "Mindset on Food and Fitness for Long Lasting Results" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 15

    So many start a health journey but do not follow through with it long term. The mindset plays a huge role in this journey and the why you need or want to show up daily as well. Making better food choices for many is often viewed as the reasoning being ‘I want to look better or lose weight.’ I c...

  • "What Really Causes Inflammation In My Gut and Body" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 14

    Inflammation in our body is caused by many different things. Some of these things can often be things we do, or do not do for ourselves. When looking at a healthy or weight loss journey, inflammation in the body and especially in the gut is often overlooked. When actually focused on it, you wou...

  • "Most Effective Way To Lose Belly Fat" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK

    Episode 13

    So many diets, fads and opinions in today’s world around losing weight. Some even promise to lose belly fat. There are many different reasons a woman will gain fat in their midsection and there's one way to truly lose it and keep it off for long term while juggling all things women do daily.