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  • "Living The Exchange Life" on Ignite TV with Rachel Griffith

    Christ has given us the exchange life. He became our sin and failure that we might live free and walk in His righteousness and victory!

    Rachel Griffith is an international minister of the gospel of Christ. She has been preaching the uncompromised word of God to the nations for the past decad...

  • "When the Husband has Low Desire" on The Sofa's Edge

    Co-Hosts Debby Wade and Victorya Rogers discuss what to do when it is the husband who has low desire. Tune in and find out. The Sofa's Edge is hosted by certified Sex Therapist Debby Wade, MA, LPC, LMFT, CST, CSAT and Love and Life Coach Victorya Rogers, MA, Author of Finding a Man Worth Keepin...

  • "The Importance of Prayer" on Face The Battle: Prayer in Times of Trouble

    Join me,Carmen Nelson, in my new show "Face The Battle" where I want to share how prayer builds one’s relationship with God. But the most amazing part of prayer, it's the tool that is used to find strength and peace even in the most trying times. In our lives we encounter many battles, how we a...

  • "J is for Justice" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    I have four children and everything has to be divided equally right? They each get the same number of Christmas presents at the same value. They each got a car when they turned 16. They each were paid the same allowance for doing to same chores. We are fair parents who believe in justice and ...

  • "Dr. Francesca Abii on Living Beyond Limits" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Join Beth and Dr. Francesca Abii on this week’s episode of Remorselessly Biblical where they discuss what living beyond limits means and how to show up in life as the person God created you to be.

    Dr. Abii is founder of Victory in Christ International Ministries, http://www.victoryinchristminist...

  • "The Enemy In The Room" on Christine's Cornerstone

    In Season 2 of Christine’s Cornerstone begins a new Series “A Medicated America,” starting with episode one, The Enemy In The Room. Christine goes toe to toe with the unclean spirits of depression, anxiety, Bi-Polar, and many false diagnoses of mental-illnesses by America’s Doctors. Christine t...

  • "It Was Me" on Life On Purpose with Beth Townsend

    Street violence is so prevalent in cities across the country that many are numb to the reports. But to a mother in the inner city, every shooting incident leads to real hurting for another woman who has lost a child. Early one morning a knock on the door by a police officer awoke Carolyn Willia...

  • "Introducing Jason Mayfield" on Grace For Life

    Who is the guy teaching all this grace stuff? That's Jason Mayfield! In this episode, Jason introduces himself so you can know what to expect in future episodes!

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    Website: http://jasonmayfield.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.co...

  • "5 Simple Steps To Fully Possessing The Warhead That's Your Heart" on SOIL+STARS

    Your Heart is under attack more than anything else, and in this episode of SOIL+STARS, we go into what God says in Scripture that illuminates why the enemy has targeted this most powerful place in you. There are 5 simple steps from Proverbs 4 on how to fully possess this warhead God planted in y...

  • "Learn To Walk In Identity" on The Sessions with Cynthia Garrett

    Identity is completely lost and confused from the time we are born. If you are struggling with who you really are and what you really identify with then this teaching on Identity will bring you to a place of clarity for the rest of your life. Join Pastor, Evangelist, & long time TV Talk Show Pe...

  • "The Formula For Your Breakthrough" on Fireball with Ashleigh Mayfield

    Ashleigh discusses making sure you know "The Formula For Your Breakthrough"

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    Website: http://ashliehgmayfield.com
    Instagram: http://instragram.com/theashleighmayfield
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  • Midweek Bible Study from City of Destiny 5/5/2021

  • "What Causes Doubt & How To Overcome It" on FITMAMA HEALTHTALK w/Angela Campbell

    How to become aware Doubt is keeping you from your goals and how to overcome it is a huge area that is often overlooked. In today's world there are so many different things you can do to try to lose weight, or get results you desire with little work. These big promises with little effort have c...

  • "False Doctrine" on The Christian View

    Join Dr. Trudy and the Christian View Team as they discuss the hot topic of False Doctrine. Plus a special interview with Jonathan Nicolas.

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    Website: www.thechristianview.tv
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thechristianviewtv...

  • Photo Journalist Jessica Ambuehl" on Embracing Freedom Today

    Embracing Freedom Today's Myshel Wilkins welcomes Photo Journalist Jessica Ambuehl. Jessica founded "Under The Tree Designs" offering graphic and web design and event producing...and discovered her love of photo journalism. For more information about Under The Tree Designs: https://www.underthe...

  • "Hearts on Fire" on Goodness Speaks with Rachelle Fletcher

    In this week’s episode, I welcome Jennifer Strickland, founder of UR More, who passionately shares the inspiring story of how her Executive Director, Kristen
    Jordan, had a dream to host an identity conference in her hometown where she’d experienced a heartbreaking past full of pain.
    You’ll lear...

  • "David Ahearn: Happy Accidents" on The Focus

    David Ahearn, Author and Comedian at Four Day Weekend in Texas talks with Taylor about how Happy Accidents can become opportunities to serve.

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    Instagram: @TravelwithTLC
    Twitter: @TravelwithTLC
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  • "Sherry James" on Intentional Talk

    Sherry James, PMP talks with LisaKay and Taylor about mental health on this week's episode of Intentional Talk!

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  • "Restore Our Spiritual Sight, O God!" on Ashes to Beauty with Wendy Noll

    Wendy continues on the "Listen Up" Series on Ashes to Beauty with the seventh and final episode. Are you on fire for God? Turn from sin and follow Jesus.

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    Website: www.wendynollministries.com
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WendyNollMini...

  • "Millennial Talk" and "Sex Trafficking" on DestinyX TV

    Join Destiny in a special 2 part edition of DestinyX TV:
    1.) "Millennial Talk" with Pastor Kyle Peters, how to understand, talk and share with the current generations!

    2.) "Sex Trafficking" with Guest, Charleen Ray

    DestinyX “Making a difference for all generations” contact below:
    Website: http...

  • "Remnant Church And Revival - 2021 Preach" on Paula Today

    52% of evangelicals do not accept or do not believe in absolute moral truths! What is happening? When the church does not get it right, the world certainly cannot get it right. Revival is coming!

    Episode 251-RemnantChurchAndRevival-Preach-INT-5K

  • Sunday Morning Service Live from City of Destiny 5/2/2021

    Sunday Morning Service, Live from City of Destiny, located in Apopka, Florida. Join Pastor Paula White Cain as she continues "The Church and Revival Series - Part 8" and worship led by Minister Jonathan Cain!

  • VICTORY ROAD with Lee Benton: Anti-Bullying Advocate Mark Ciarlante "Tigerman"

    Mark Ciarlante, also known as “Tigerman”, is the non-violent superhero changing the lives of so many children in school. This amazing man is teaching them love and to put an end to bullying with "RAH" (Reject All Hate)!

    VICTORY ROAD with Lee Benton” is a faith-based, award-winning TV Show featu...

  • "A Living Witness" on Ignite TV with Rachel Griffith

    Rachel Griffith is an international minister of the gospel of Christ. She has been preaching the uncompromised word of God to the nations for the past decade. Through her call to ignite and empower the nations in Christ, she and her husband Willie have seen countless lives saved, healed, and de...