Family & Parenting

  • "P is for Peace" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    When my children were young, my mom introduced me to a renowned violence prevention and character education youth program called "Peace Builders". 

    This elegantly simple set of six principals, when taught, modeled and practiced daily with consistency, improves the lives of young people every day...

  • "Unwanted" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Bridget Van Means and Linda Seidler tell Nicole two sides of a similar story - Bridget was almost aborted by her mother, and Linda did have an abortion in her college years. Listen and watch how God redeems, restores, and shows up when we need Him most!

  • "Godmothers and Goddaughters" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Speaker and NYT best-selling author Lisa Bevere sits down with Pastor Nicole to discuss the importance of mentors, specifically "Godmothers" in our lives - How to be one, and how to receive one!

  • "O is for Obedience" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    Ephesians 6:1 "Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right."

    Use the tips below, and begin taking steps toward teaching your child to obey. As a result, you will yield a well-rounded child who you will enjoy taking anywhere at any age. They will be a blessing and joy to your family...

  • "Parenting 101" on The Christian View

    Join Dr. Trudy and the CO-HOST of The Christian View as they tackle hard and challenging parent topics.

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  • "Handing Down Unclean & Familiar Spirits to Our Kids?" - Christine's Cornerstone

    In this episode of Christine's Cornerstone: A Medicated America, Christine Brejcha delivers healing and deliverance through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, and shares the Gospel truth about the Familiar spirits which are handed down generationally. The unclean spirits that cause family divide, ...

  • "N is for Naked" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    If you become naked, meaning vulnerable and honest, about how Christ has set you free from the bondage of sin and now walk in forgiveness rather than shame, it will be a blessing to your children. They will also desire to seek openness and forgiveness in their own lives.

    It is better to be nak...

  • "M is for Maturity" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    I was very intentional about training my children to be mature. Here is an idea of my Training Agenda:
    Age 2:  Potty train
    Age 5: Teach them to read.
    Age 10: Teach them to do their own laundry.
    Age 13: Teach them to handle relationships with the opposite sex.
    Age 16: Teach them to drive.
    Age 18: ...

  • “Parenting Your Parents: Interview with Charlotte Canion” on POP Talk

    In this episode of POP, Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Dr. Lynnette Simm and Rosemary Legrand interview Charlotte Canion, author of eight books. The POP Talk Team will be speaking with Charlotte, however, about her award-winning book, "You Have to Laugh to Keep from Crying: How to Parent Your Parents." ...

  • "Help for First Time Fathers" on The Sofa's Edge

    Victorya Rogers and Debby Wade offer insights to first-time Fathers. What can you expect intimacy with your wife to look like during the first year of your baby’s life?

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  • "Overcoming Lifetime Trauma: Paula Jauch" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Paula Jauch is a trauma expert. She is also a speaker, award-winning author and podcaster, but what she cares most about in this world is helping others overcome trauma and abuse—just as she has. Paula grew up in Las Vegas with an alcoholic and abusive father and an addicted mother. She watche...

  • "L is for Love" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    L is for Love:
    A loving marriage is the foundation needed to train our children in the correct definition of love. As they grow and become teenagers looking for love and eventually choosing a spouse to love for a lifetime, it is critical that they trust God and know the sacrificial side of true ...

  • "K is for Kindness" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    “Good manners are just being kind and thinking of others. From early in the morning till the end of the day, do and say the kindest things in the kindest way.”
     This is a quote from the Child’s Book of Manners that my mom read to me when I was a child and then I read it to my kids.
    Kindness is ...

  • "Family Addiction: The Appling Family" on DestinyX TV

    Join Destiny in a special 2 part edition of DestinyX TV:
    1.) "Family Addiction - Part 1" with guests, Stanley and Dianne Appling discussing the trials and tribulations addiction causes in families, sharing their personal struggles and successes.

    2.) "Family Addiction - Part 2" with guest, Tommy ...

  • "Signs of Suicide" and "Worship" on DestinyX TV

    Join Destiny in a special 2 part edition of DestinyX TV:
    1.) "Signs of Suicide" with Guest, Sharon Thompson with New Beginnings Ministry shares how to understand, talk and address concerns regarding signs of suicide!

    2.) "Worship" with Guest, Matt Johnson

    DestinyX “Making a difference for all g...

  • "J is for Justice" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    I have four children and everything has to be divided equally right? They each get the same number of Christmas presents at the same value. They each got a car when they turned 16. They each were paid the same allowance for doing to same chores. We are fair parents who believe in justice and ...

  • "It Was Me" on Life On Purpose with Beth Townsend

    Street violence is so prevalent in cities across the country that many are numb to the reports. But to a mother in the inner city, every shooting incident leads to real hurting for another woman who has lost a child. Early one morning a knock on the door by a police officer awoke Carolyn Willia...

  • "Millennial Talk" and "Sex Trafficking" on DestinyX TV

    Join Destiny in a special 2 part edition of DestinyX TV:
    1.) "Millennial Talk" with Pastor Kyle Peters, how to understand, talk and share with the current generations!

    2.) "Sex Trafficking" with Guest, Charleen Ray

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  • "The Sacrifice and Obedience of a Mother" on Christine's Cornerstone

    In this week’s episode of Christine’s Cornerstone, Christine is filled with the love of the Holy Spirit as she talks about the struggles of being a Mother. Christine pours out scriptural healing over the Mother’s who have or are currently suffering through the trials of Motherhood and rearing tro...

  • "When Sex Hurts" on The Sofa's Edge

    Sex is not supposed to hurt. Tune in as Victorya Rogers and Debby Wade discuss this rarely covered topic. Finally, there is hope and help for married couples who have suffered pain during sex. You are not alone.

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  • "I is for INDEPENDENCE" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    I is for INDEPENDENCE...That’s right mom’s, we are working our way out of a job. We’re teaching our kiddos to fly out of the nest and to create their own nests. Spouses stay and kids leave!

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  • "Man of God" on Life On Purpose with Beth Townsend

    Mark Lubbock was a little boy helping his dad in the backyard when the tragedy struck. Severely injured and comatose for days, he was unaware that his father was dead. Years of trying to be “the man of the house”, without a male role-model, led to unrealistic self-imposed pressures, alcoholism,...

  • "Family Legacy with the Bourgeois Family" on DestinyX

    Join Destiny for this special 2-part episode where she chats and interviews with Clancy, Shannon, and Roger Bourgeois family about "Family Legacies" on this powerful episode of DestinyX TV!

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  • "H is for Honor" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    Honor is all about seeing what’s valuable, wonderful, and miraculous in other people and appreciating, being in awe of, loving, acknowledging, and otherwise responding to them in the way they deserve. We must honor our parents and teach our children to honor us. God requires honor.

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