Dr. Trudy Simmons

Dr. Trudy Simmons

Dr. Trudy Simmons
  • Dr. Trudy Simmons

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  • The Christian View: One to One with Dr. Trudy

    1 season

    Dr. Trudy Simmons brings a new show to the Life Network for Women as she changes the format from her previous series, "Everyday Living" to follow more closely along The Christian View format. However, instead of a talk-show format with multiple co-hosts and guests, she makes it more personal wit...

  • The Christian View

    2 seasons

    "The Christian View" is a fast-paced, high-energy half-hour TV talk show with a panel of sharp, well-educated, quick-witted women and men - and the occasional guest co-host - discussing today's hot topics and headlines from a Biblical perspective.

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  • Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy

    1 season

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