Cynthia Garrett

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  • Cynthia Garrett - Starting Your Day Without God

    Cynthia Garrett Ministries. Walk Out Life With Faith. Practical life lessons that you can use today."Don't forget your purse!" Starting your day without God is like leaving for a trip without the essentials. Why leave your home without directions when you have an appointment? So don't waste your ...

  • Cynthia Garrett "The Things Gods' Still Working On In Me"

    Little foxes spoil good fruit. What things are God working on in your life? Are you in the zone? Are you lukewarm? Does anyone recognize you on a bad day? Don't be alone in your war against the little foxes that steal your fruit.
    Accountability is the key to change.

  • Cynthia Garrett "A Godly Chicks POV On Men"

    Hebrews 11. A definition of faith and the measure of a great man. The definition of what it means to be a man today is as important as ever. If you know who your spiritual examples are, then you can stand in faith and resurrect failure to greater things in your life.

  • Cynthia Garrett "Money Matters"

    Would you trade all the world for Jesus? I Timothy 6:2-10 the Apostle Paul admonishes Timothy to teach the truth. Is the love of money the root of all evil? What is the true value of money? Does more money make you more valuable? Does money bring with it the right kind of privilege, status and fa...

  • CGM-LondonSessions E003-S01 Jesus&TheMedia

  • CGM-LondonSessions E002-S01 Identity

    Discovering your identity.

  • CGM-Sessions E007z-S01 OvercomingOffense

    Understanding and overcoming what causes offense. Offenses are foxes that will eat the fruit of the Spirit. An offense is a stumbling block that creates a trap for the one offended. Walking in conscious, daily forgiveness defeats offenses. Pray for those who offend and then release them to God.

  • CGM-Sessions E007-S01 FaithPurityPresence

    Guest Roger Charles and Cynthia discuss the different types of faith, staying pure and Gods' presence. Faith in God is having an expectation that God will do what we ask. It is a reliance upon His character to come through for us. Gods' grace covers a multitude of sin.

  • CGM-Sessions E006-S01 Love

    If we expect change, then it must come by the demonstration of Gods' love. If we represent ourselves as being perfect, then we are not revealing Gods' love.1 Corinthians 13 represents the true definition of love. God considers love to be the greatest, so it must be important. Love is about caring...

  • Cynthia Garrett Identity

    Nothing is better than discovering your true identity. Gods' plan for you are good and your future is sure. No matter how big the problem, struggle or pain, Jesus has overcome it and will lead you through to your victory in Him.