Christine Brejcha

Christine Brejcha

Christine Brejcha is a Philadelphia native, born and raised. She is a mother of three beautiful children, Angelena 30, Anthony 14, and Ava who is 12 years old. Christine now lives and serves in Washington DC with her Gospel Ministry, Christine’s Cornerstone. Brejcha founded Christine’s Cornerstone Ministries in 2017, after a near-death experience in 2016, that almost took her life. This supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ radically changed her life forever.
She has since devoted her entire life to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
She is a Prophet, Author, and servant of God who reflects the love of Christ in her all of her teachings, as well as in her many years of outreach ministry. She has ministered to the homeless for the last ten years and has a heavy hand in the Pro-Life movement. Christine’s ministry work also includes visiting the sick, visiting the incarcerated, and speaking in the drug and alcohol rehabs that allow the word of the Gospel. The Lord has also placed on Christine’s heart to enter into the realms of politics, to bring the righteous law of Christ back into world leadership. She is currently an on-air voice and contributor at Christian Mix 106 Radio.

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Twitter: @ChristineBrejc1
Instagram: @christinebrejcha399

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Christine Brejcha
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