• "Breakthrough Prayers" on Face The Battle: The Importance of Prayer

    We need breakthroughs in either our relationship with the Lord or the renewing or restoring of our relationships, with our husband or children or friendship. Scripture is powerful when you apply it in your life. The greatest way to get this is through the word of God. Matthew 7:7 says, 'Ask and...

  • "Praying with Music: Dr. Paul Zahl" on Face The Battle: The Importance of Prayer

    Carmen is joined by special guest, Dr. Paul Zahl; author, retired priest, teacher and theologian. Dr. Paul really gives us a look on how music affects the places in our lives when we are hurting, or in our greatest joy. He talks about how powerful music is and the way it can bridge the gap betw...

  • "Brokenness and Inner Healing" on The Sessions with Cynthia Garrett

    Pastor and Long-Time Talk Show Host Cynthia Garrett is joined by husband and Bible Scholar Roger Charles in this powerful Session discussing Brokenness and Inner Healing. Do you feel like your emotions react before you have chance to think in certain situations? Do you think "that's just how I ...

  • "Praying with Music: Goldie Olivier" on Face The Battle:The Importance of Prayer

    We see numerous examples in the Bible of music as prayer. Throughout the Book of Psalms, the psalms were originally songs, in which many times we see them as prayers or poems of King David. In the Book of Acts, we find Paul and Silas praying and singing as they were locked in prison. Carmen is...

  • "Why Do We Pray?" on Face The Battle: Prayer in Times of Trouble

    Join Carmen in the final episode in the series Face The Battle: Prayer in Time of Trouble as she asks, "Why Do We Pray?" Prayer is a perfect way to explore the conditions of our hearts and share that with God. In prayer, God can reveal our emotional weights that weigh us down. When we pray we ...

  • "Power of Prayer" on Face The Battle: Prayer in Times of Trouble

    Can physical strength help us overcome obstacles and challenges in the spiritual realm? No, "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Ep...

  • "Perseverance In Prayer" on Face The Battle: Prayer in Times of Trouble

    Prayer helps us push through our hardest struggles, and being consistent is the most important. We can't quit praying cause we don’t see it manifest we have to persevere until we see the breakthrough. I read an article that said “The capacity to stand firmly against opposition until you see the...

  • "Prayer Changes You" on Face The Battle: Prayer in Times of Trouble

    Jesus taught the lord’s prayer as a model for us to follow. That through this prayer we can find our purpose of prayer. Prayer changes you. We pray often for our situations and circumstances and even though it may not always change the circumstance it does change us.

    For more ways to engage w...

  • "Prayer Is A Weapon" on Face The Battle: Prayer in Times of Trouble

    Our prayers strengthen us for the fight, and keep us grounded. It opens dialogue with Him and reveals things to us we can only learn from Him. “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

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  • "We Can Overcome Through Prayer" on Face The Battle: Prayer in Times of Trouble

    The Christian life is simply a matter of faith. Yet to grow in that faith, we must develop certain beliefs, rhythms, and practices. We must find our satisfaction in Christ alone and understand that our spiritual growth is a joint effort between God and us.

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  • "The Importance of Prayer" on Face The Battle: Prayer in Times of Trouble

    Join me,Carmen Nelson, in my new show "Face The Battle" where I want to share how prayer builds one’s relationship with God. But the most amazing part of prayer, it's the tool that is used to find strength and peace even in the most trying times. In our lives we encounter many battles, how we a...

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  • "How to Measure Your Maturity in God" on The Victorious Life w/Lisa Buldo

    Join Lisa Buldo on "The Victorious Life," Tuesday, April 20th @ 4 PM EST on the Life Network for Women, as Lisa shares how to measure your maturity in God. This is a powerful truth that comes from the parables Jesus taught. God wants every believer to be mature in the Word of God. 

    This is Epi...

  • "The Holy Spirit is our Intercessor" on Always More TV with Rebecca Keener

    The Bible tells us that Jesus intercedes for us and the Holy Spirit intercedes through us in prayer. Learn how to allow the Holy Spirit to pray through you powerful prayers that change our lives and those we love.

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  • "Pray, Fast, Give: When You Fast" on Paula Today

    Jesus taught on three things that are tools for believers for breakthrough. Prayer, fasting and giving. Fasting doesn't move God, it moves you. It's about denying the appetites of the flesh which allows you to draw closer to God. Paula gives you the overview of the different types of fasts and di...

  • "The Power of Effective Prayer 2021" on Faithfully

    God wants to talk to you, He wants to walk with you. Live bold, live bold in prayer!

    Episode 242-ThePowerOfEffectivePrayer-INTERNET-5K

  • "Spiritual Breakthrough" on Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy

    Join Dr. Trudy as she walks you through 5 steps that can lead you to a spiritual breakthrough.

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  • “Miracle Road: Brought Back to Life After Deadly Car Crash’’ The Victorious Life

    Join Lisa Buldo on "The Victorious Life" as she interviews a special guest, Angela Adkins, the Author of Miracle Road, who died in a car crash in 1987, and was miraculously brought back to life!  Angela will share her story of miracles, angels, healing, and the power of forgiveness.

    Find more wa...

  • "Prayer" on Ignite TV with Rachel Griffith

    Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have in our lives. In this teaching you will discover the keys to having a powerful purposeful prayer life.

    Rachel Griffith is an international minister of the gospel of Christ. She has been preaching the uncompromised word of God to the nations for...

  • "Healing From Heaven" on The Great Physician with Debra Gaskill

    I thank God for doctors, but you can not let any man’s word be the final word. When it comes to your health, God’s Word is not only the final word, but it is also the highest authority. There is natural healing and then there is healing from Heaven!

    Currently, statistics say that 95% of people...

  • "Signs, Miracles, Wonders, Healing & Prayer" on DestinyX with Destiny Yarbrough

    David Turner and his wife Jennifer Turner share their experiences regarding signs, miracles, and wonders. Seeing the hand of God and experiencing the power of prayer, enjoy this 2 part special as Destiny chats with David and Jennifer Turner!

    DestinyX “Making a difference for all generations” co...

  • "Clear Vision, Strong Faith" on The Great Physician with Debra Gaskill

    Poor eyesight, glaucoma, cataracts. If Moses could have clear eyesight at 120 years old, and he was under the Law, how much more should we refuse to accept anything less under a better covenant! How a bad eyesight report turned completely around one year later when I refused to give up.


  • Teresa Kemp "Baptism of Fire"

    Pray to the Father. Ask and believe when you pray for needs. Forgive if you have something against someone.

  • VICTORY ROAD with Lee Benton: Singer Freddie Poole (The Supremes)

    “VICTORY ROAD with Lee Benton” is a faith-based, award-winning TV Show featuring Host, Actress, Producer, Evangelist Dr. Lee Benton. Lee interviews an array of celebrities and real people, telling their amazing VICTORY stories, while giving hope to others. “VICTORY ROAD with Lee Benton” is now i...