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  • Sharon Swanepoel Elements Pt 2 "Water"

    Jesus said He is the living water. When you know Him, you will draw water from wells of salvation. Spiritually speaking, you will never thirst again. The washing of the water of the word cleanses us. Hebrews 10:22

  • Nicole Crank and her special Guest Te...

    Nicole and Terri Savelle Foy talk about her childhood trauma and the ultimate destruction of her self esteem. Terri was smiling on the outside, but hiding deep wounds on the inside. Abused, and pregnant at a young age, Terri was embarrassed and ashamed, but it didn't change the love of her parents.

  • Pushie Watson "Moving from Empty to O...

    The story of the widow and Elijah. When we have nothing left, when we have calamity, we often focus on the loss, but God is a present help in time of need! God is not afraid of your situation. Turn your eyes toward Him and His provision. What do you still have? You must need that for the rest of ...