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  • The Light of the World: John 1 - Part 1

  • The Light of the World: John 1 - Part 2

  • Cynthia Garrett - Starting Your Day Without God

    Cynthia Garrett Ministries. Walk Out Life With Faith. Practical life lessons that you can use today."Don't forget your purse!" Starting your day without God is like leaving for a trip without the essentials. Why leave your home without directions when you have an appointment? So don't waste your ...

  • Jentezen Franklin "Acres Of Diamonds"

    Acres of Diamonds story by Henry Drummond. The grass might seem greener on the other side, but it could be a septic tank. Are you beat up from the floor up? The process of transforming carbon to diamond takes heat and pressure. Don't run from your challenges.

  • Terri Savelle Foy

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    What are you gonna do with the next five years of your life? You know, I believe the next five years of your life could be the most amazing, most rewarding, most phenomenal years of your life.

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    Or just another five years.

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  • Debra George "Get rid of the old and do the new thing God is doing"

    Luke 4:18,19 Acts 10:38 Time to get rid of the old and do the new thing that God is doing. God can break any stronghold that is over your life!
    An on the street, candid, unpretentious interview with an ex gang member in one of the worst drug neighborhoods of Texas.

  • Nicole Crank at the Washington DC Bible Museum

    If we could just know what God knows. His word will answer your questions today. If you don't discover your call, others will not be reached. Join Nicole today as together we discover the interesting facts about the Bible Museum in Washington, DC.

  • Nicole Crank Special guest Sarah Jakes Roberts

    How do you handle the things in life that you didn't plan for? Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

  • Sharon Swanepoel

    If we have a roadmap, it's easy to get where we need to go. God's word promises to lead you and guide you through life. Leviticus 26:3 If you walk in Gods' statutes, then He will give you increase in due season. Gods'word keeps us in a safe place.

  • Debra George "Wynona"

    Debra goes into the streets of Orlando, Florida sharing the love of Jesus Christ. A testimony of Gods' love and grace reaching the lost, the last and the least.

  • Debra George " Your Enemy Is Defeated"

    John 15:7 If you abide in Christ and His word remains in you, you may ask whatever you will and it will be done for you.

  • Terri Savelle Foy Don't Stop Dreaming, Imagine Big

    Get your crayon out! Did you ever play "let's pretend" when you were a child. Did you "make believe"? Your imagination is your most powerful tool to achieving your dreams.

  • Cynthia Garrett "The Things Gods' Still Working On In Me"

    Little foxes spoil good fruit. What things are God working on in your life? Are you in the zone? Are you lukewarm? Does anyone recognize you on a bad day? Don't be alone in your war against the little foxes that steal your fruit.
    Accountability is the key to change.

  • Terri Savelle Foy "Be A Dream Achiever"

    You don't have to live life waiting on "one day" and "someday." Learn powerful steps you can take now to develop and achieve your God-given dreams.