• Paula White Cain at Unleashed Conference 2019 (Full Sermon)

    Recorded at City of Destiny on May 4, 2019
    190504_Pastor Paula 7 PM UNLEASHED 2019

  • "Something Greater: All Things Are Possible" on Paula Today


  • Paula White Cain, Faith Thought, Faith Talk, Faith Walk - Part 1

    Faith is a critical component of a Christian lifestyle. In this sermon, Paula breaks down faith into three parts: What we think. What we speak. And what we do. We are called to have the faith OF God… not just faith IN God. Faith has the power to change and transform things generationally.

  • Paula White Cain, Faith Thought, Faith Talk, Faith Walk - Part 2

    Continuing a teaching on faith. It takes faith to take possession. The keys to seeing promises come to pass in your life are faith and patience. Build your trust in God and your patience by remembering when God brought you through. Keep a memorial in your heart and don't forget what God did for y...

  • Paula White Cain, Faith of Abraham: Supernatural Provision - Part 1

    Paula delivers a prophetic Word on the faith of Abraham starting in Genesis 22. The supernatural is beyond what is observable and transcend laws of nature. God wants to use you to display his greatness. You are God's sermon. When you take a step in faith, your miracle is in your obedience to an i...

  • Paula White Cain, Faith of Abraham: Supernatural Provision - Part 2

    Paula continues her message on the faith of Abraham. God already knows what you are capable of, but you need to know what you are capable of. That thing you are going through is used to shape you and develop you. Have you ever been in the will of God, worshipping God, serving God, but didn't have...

  • Paula White Cain, Faith is the Foundation - Part 1

    Your world will be framed by your words. Words matter! Especially when it comes to faith. Faith is the foundation for the righteous. Everything received will be by faith. That is why the enemy will attempt to challenge your faith. Revelation, which is deeper than knowledge and understanding, only...

  • Paula White Cain, Faith is the Foundation - Part 2

  • Teresa Kemp Testify 1

    How Gods' never ending redeeming love continued to pursue and reach a lost, desperate, drug addict criminal in the penal system and completely set her free.

  • Sharon Swanepoel "Nevertheless All The More"

    Psalm 73:3-17 Being in God's presence changes everything. Spending time with God brings clarity to confusing circumstances and changes your perspective.

  • Teresa Kemp Image Pt 2

    Teresa Kemp. What image are you bowing to? Psalm 8:4-6 God made man in His image. You are not a mistake. Your creator is your mirror. Deception is believing that a lie is the truth. Knowing who you are will change your life!

  • Teresa Kemp Image Pt 1

    Teresa Kemp. Don't bow to the wrong image. Genesis 1:27. God created man in his image. The enemy wants to steal your identity keeping you from accessing what rightfully belongs to you. Christ died to give you full access to all that He promised you. Don't let someone who doesn't know God tell you...

  • Jentezen Franklin "Buy Into This"

    Jeremiah 32:25 God commanded Jeremiah to buy when everyone is selling. Be sure that when your ship comes in, you are not at the bus station. Hold fast to the truth of God's word. Let everyone else speak poorly of God's word, but if you r believe in Him, buy in. Don't sell out!

  • Jentezen Franklin "Open My Eyes"

    Hagar and Ishmael are banished from their home. They were starving and in distress in the desert. Ishmael prayed and God heard from heaven. Genesis 21:17 Through God, all things are possible. Your separated child can be redeemed, rescued and restored.

  • Sharon Swanepoel

    God wants to spend time with you. God's word provides light so that we are not walking in darkness. Leviticus 26:9 God will make you fruitful. He will confirm His covenant with you. He will walk among you and your God. He brought you out of the yoke of your former life.

  • Teresa Kemp Testify 2

    A testimony is an eye witness. Having an experience with Jesus transforms your life. You are re-created for a new purpose. Gods' resurrection power takes you from where you are to a better place He has for you. Teresa was an incarcerated junkie, thief and liar. Her encounter with the living God, ...

  • Pushie Watson "Disappointment"

    Matthew 4:18-21 Are you where God has assigned you? When you are disappointed, what kind deliverer are you expecting? Who are you following to find your direction in life? Who is Jesus to you? Is He your personal savior and Lord? When you can't see your way out, do you still believe in His promi...

  • Lisa Buldo "Why You Must Be Born Again"

    1 Corinthians 2:14 The natural man does not recognize the things of Gods' Spirit. A new born baby has no past. When you accept Christ as your Savior, you are made brand new. Your past is erased for all eternity.

  • Teresa Kemp "Power pt 2"

    Luke 13:23- 25 The door to heaven is narrow. Romans 1:16 The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ because it is Gods' power working salvation for us! 2 Timothy 1:7 God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind. 2 Peter 1:3-4 His Divine power has given to us al...

  • Teresa Kemp "New Creation" Pt1

    On todays' episode, Teresa shares foundational truths from Gods' word that will transform your life. We need to avoid cracks in the foundation of your spiritual life. If you are born again, you are a new creation in Christ Jesus.

  • Teresa Kemp "New Creation" Pt 2

    Breaking Chains International On Todays' episode, Teresa shares how we are ambassadors of Christ in the earth according to 2 Corinthians 5. The ministry of reconciliation is telling others what they can be through Jesus Christ. If you are in Christ, you have a clean slate. We are saved through fa...

  • Jentezen Franklin "Choose Faith Over Fear"

    Today, from Mark 5:38 The story of a young girl who had passed away from a dangerous plague and what happened when Jesus came to her home. Even in your darkest moment, choose faith over fear, Jesus is with you.

  • Teresa Kemp "New Creation Pt 3"

    Without a good, solid foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ, our house will fall in tough times of shaking. Just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, we change when we receive Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Through death, the caterpillar becomes what it was intended to be. In...

  • Sharon Swanepoel "The Vital Element"

    Don't get caught up in the elements of this world. You may face the adversity of wind and waves, but Jesus has the power and the ability to rebuke the wind! God created all the elements and in todays' study, Sharon digs deep into Gods' word with practical application for your victory in Jesus Chr...