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  • "The God of Wonder - Part 4" on Ignite TV with Rachel Griffith

    God is a God of Wonder and amazement. When we behold The Lord in all His beauty and power our relationship with Him goes deeper and our faith reaches new heights!

    Rachel Griffith is an international minister of the gospel of Christ. She has been preaching the uncompromised word of God to the na...

  • "You Asked—Here’s Our Answers!" on The Sofa's Edge

    Love Coach Victorya Rogers and Christian Sex Therapist Debby Wade discuss viewers toughest, edgiest, most delicate, and uncomfortable questions our views have asked over the last two seasons about intimacy in Marriage. You sent in your questions, tune in for our answers.

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  • "Tea Time with Sonja Troupe" on Live Talk with Lynette

     Lynette hosts entrepreneur Sonia Troupe, owner of SIPS Tea Parlour, shares her story of love for tea from a child and how it evolved into a ministry. Her teas are delicious and medicinal! Learn more about the healing power of tea and Sonia
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  • "Know Who You Are" on Face The Battle: The Watchman on the Wall

    A spiritual watchman is one who has been uniquely equipped by God to see. In Matthew 13 God says that every believer has been given eyes to see and ears to hear. But a watchman has to be equipped by God to see what others do not see and they have a unique capacity to see when the enemy is invad...

  • "12 Simple Things To Remember" on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

    Sometimes simple really is the best way to go. There’s no need to over complicate what it takes to have a good life. This episode will remind you that the greatest joys in life can be found in our relationships with God family and friends.

  • "How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit - Part 2" Getting A Grip On The Basics

    Be encouraged as we continue to study God’s Word and what it says about being “born of” and “filled with” the Holy Spirit.

    "Getting A Grip on the Basics" book/workbook:
    English Version:
    Spanish Version: https://thebasicswithbeth.netvi...

  • "Choosing Love - Saving Lives" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Priscilla Pruitt is the Global Ambassador and international spokesperson for Safe Haven Baby Boxes, a mission which works to rescue newborn babies from abandonment. She also advocates as the spokesperson for Safe Haven Alliance. The Safe Haven Laws are in all 50 states, and along with others, ...

  • “Are We Living In The Reformation Days?” on Christine's Cornerstone

    In this week’s episode of Christine's Cornerstone: The Gospel In America, “Are We Living In The Reformation Days?,” Christine Brejcha takes a look at the current American society sharing the similarities between the days of the reformation and the present-day church and the Gospel truth about the...

  • "Wendy Noll" on Life On Purpose: Live with Beth Townsend

    Life On Purpose: Live host Beth Townsend is joined by fellow Life Network for Women Content Creator, Wendy Noll. Wendy holds a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from North Carolina College of Theology and has recently attained credentials as an Ordained Minister with Ministers Network Canada...

  • Faith and Freedom Today with Special Guest Dr. Sebastian Gorka

    Join Tera Dahl on Faith and Freedom Today as she interviews Dr. Sebastian Gorka about the crisis on the southern border with 12,000 Haitian migrants being allowed into the United States. He discusses the concerning national security threat to the United States of having an open border, he descri...

  • Divine Appointment into Judgeship: Intro to Spiritual Law From The Scriptures

    Did you know that you are not only operating in spiritual law, but that you have already been appointed as Judge in it? Today on SOIL+STARS, join Mariah Jean as we look at key Scriptures laying out this key and pivotal reality that we walk in every day without even knowing it.

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  • "Women In Leadership - Part One" on The Sessions with Cynthia Garrett

    Pastor and Long-Time Talk Show Host Cynthia Garrett is joined by husband, Evangelist and Businessman Roger Charles for a powerful and lively discussion about what the Bible really says about women in leadership roles. Part 1 of 2.

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    Website: www.cynthiagarre...

  • "Miracles for Today" on The Koach Katlyn Show

    Join Koach Katlyn and her special guest Co-Host, Pastor Rick Moncrief, as they discuss Miracles for Today. After surviving a 17 foot head-first fall that caused 3 brain aneurysms, Pastor Rick knows what it means to receive a miracle from the Lord and how to use it. During this show not only wil...

  • Strategies To Calm Your Mind and Use Food To Fuel Your Mindset

    When you are stressed and juggling many hats, your mind can run wild if you don’t learn ways to calm it down and control it. Calming your mind and taking back control when negative thoughts try to creep in can be one of the most powerful things you can become stronger at in your daily habits.


  • "The Audacity of Bold Faith - Part 1" on Embracing Freedom Today

    The Audacity of Bold faith walks us through certain aspects of David's life to highlight powerful lessons we can learn from his high and low moments throughout his life. What does it take to live with BOLD faith? What is the revelation or perspective that must be in place? Join Myshel as she p...

  • "Breathe Again" on The Nicole Crank Show

    Do you ever feel like you're underwater and suffocating? Author of Breathe Again, Stacy Henagan, shares her testimony of losing her baby to cancer, and how she still believes God is good after all her heartache. Come with us as we learn how to "Breathe Again" through Christ after devastating lo...

  • "The Power of Emotional Intelligence with Deana Morgan" on Goodness Speaks

    Do you know what your triggers are and how to be set free of them? Do you feel like your emotions rule you instead of you ruling your emotions?

    On this episode of Goodness Speaks, Rachelle talks with author Deana Morgan about emotional health and the lies that drive unhealthy behavior. In her ...

  • "John Keating" on Intentional Talk

    LisaKay and Taylor are joined on this episode of Intentional Talk by Frisco, Texas Councilman and Veteran, John Keating.

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  • "Faith for the Impossible - Part 7" on Victory in the Word

    Join us on part 7 of 8 in this series of Jesus not only supernaturally healed me from a horrific assault at the age of 20, but then gave me an encounter with Him Personally at the Parole Hearing for the assailant.

    In this special segment we share the details of the parole hearing in San Quentin....

  • "Small Group Bible Studies are Awesome!" on Living the Thrilling Life

    Join Victorya Rogers and her guests Christian Speaker Blynda Lane and Women’s Leader Amy Rogers as they discuss why they love being involved in small group Bible studies. Victorya has often said “Girlfriends are here to get us through a lifetime” and an awesome way to build your community of sup...

  • "The Cross Made the Bitter Waters Sweet" Live Empowered w/Apostle Cathy Coppola

    The waters of Marah were bitter until the prophetic act of obedience turned the situation around. The obstacles you go through, when met with the cross of Christ, have the opportunity to change what is bitter to sweet. Join Apostle Cathy Coppola as she brings this powerful word.

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  • "The Holy Spirit and Marriage with Davis and Amber Keener" on Always More TV

    Join Rebecca and her son, Davis and his wife Amber, as they talk about how the Holy Spirit leads you in a new marriage.

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  • “How to Hear the Voice of God: Interview with Sterling Harris” on POP Talk

    In this episode of POP Talk, Lisa Burkhardt Worley and Rosemary Legrand interview former Southern Methodist University and NFL player, Sterling Harris, who shares how a short stint in prison taught him how to hear the voice of God. Sterling is the author of How to Hear God: 10 Ways God Speaks.


  • "Tabernacles - Part 2" on Paula Today

    We are celebrating the third part of God’s feast season, season, Sukkot or, the Feast of Tabernacles! It commemorates God coming to indwell with us. This is a celebration time, a time to be full of joy, it is party time! There are great blessings for you! Join Paula and Jon today!

    Episode 26...