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  • "Take the Day Off" on Paula Today

    There are 4 Tanks to Refuel: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, & Emotional

    Episode 191-LifeNet-TakeTheDayOff-INTERNET-5K

  • "Mountains" on Faithfully

    Episode 198-LifeNet-7Mountains-INTERNET-5K

  • "The Feast of Tabernacles" on Paula Today

    How is the Biblical feast of "Tabernacles" relevant to Christians today.


  • "Why Being Part of a Team like the Disciples Matters"on Remorselessly Biblical

    Join Beth on today’s episode of Remorselessly Biblical as she dives in to her favorite Scriptural topic: PEOPLE! Have you ever wondered why Jesus chose the 12 Apostles? What if they all were wired like Peter…or even worse, Judas? How is the way God made you affecting the kind of team player yo...

  • "Transgenderism and the Creation of Man and Woman" on Christine's Cornerstone

    Christine teaches Scripturally on homosexuality, transgenderism, dysphoria, and the introduction of the Equality Act. She talks about how past pains and the lies of society have polluted the minds of today’s youth. She also dives into the sociological hardships of culture and a corrupt governme...

  • "A Powerful Story of Redemption" on Life On Purpose with Beth Townsend

    As a boy Ashanti Witherspoon was drawn into the Chicago gang life. He was a hardened criminal when wounded in a gunfight with police in Louisiana, arrested, and sentenced to life-without-parole at America’s bloodiest prison. When Ashanti accepted Jesus, God opened the prison gates for 20-years ...

  • Nicole Crank with Landra Hughes

    Losing weight was a high, but it eventually led Landra to a new all time low. What began as a routine dental procedure, propelled Landra into a downward spiral of an eating disorder. Join us today as she tells her story of victory over her attempt to avoid confronting her issue and attempting to ...

  • "How to Stop Fear and Anxiety" on The Victorious Life w/ Lisa Buldo

    Join Lisa Buldo on "The Victorious Life" today at 4 PM EST on the Life Network for Women, as she shares how to stop fear and anxiety immediately when it tries to overtake you. Lisa will share how to use your God-given Kingdom Authority to do this. Lisa also shares “how” she received healing in ...

  • "How to Live a Life of Daily Significance" on Living the Thrilling Life

    In this fifth episode of Living the Thrilling Life, host Victorya Rogers shares how to live a life of significance! She tells of her encounter with two tough, intimidating men and how God used her and her husband to offer them hope in the midst of despair. Want to experience a life of Daily Sig...

  • "Breaking the Habit of Discouragement" on Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy

    We have all struggled with discouragement. Join Dr. Trudy as she gives you powerful tools on how to break the discouragement cycle.

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  • "Transforming Cities with Generosity" on Goodness Speaks with Rachelle Fletcher

    Join Rachelle Fletcher and her guests, Rob Sumner and Samantha Golden from Gateway Church, as they talk about the power of connection, their love for single families and creative ways they reach those who need to know God’s love. You’ll learn how the simplest things can make the biggest differen...

  • "Communion 2020" on Paula Today

    Pastor Paula White Cain and Jonathan Cain lead in partaking of the Lord's Supper or Communion.

    Musical Performance by Jonathan Cain

    Episode Communion 2020

  • "The Holy Spirit is Our Counselor" on Always More Tv with Rebecca Keener

    Join Rebecca Keener as we begin a study the most important Person on earth today, The Holy Spirit. He gives us the counsel and the strength we need when we go through difficult times and face challenging decisions.

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  • VICTORY ROAD with Lee Benton: Chaplain Jozy Pollock

    “VICTORY ROAD with Lee Benton” is a faith-based, award-winning TV Show featuring Host, Actress, Producer, Evangelist Dr. Lee Benton. Lee interviews an array of celebrities and real people, telling their amazing VICTORY stories, while giving hope to others. “VICTORY ROAD with Lee Benton” is now i...

  • "Do Biblical Theology and Science Co-Exist?" on Visibly Fit with Wendie Pett

    Join Wendie Pett on Visibly Fit as interviews Dr. Paula McDonald and they talk about Theosynthesis, it’s where biblical theology and science co-exist. Dr. Paula McDonald knows first-hand the power of God’s miraculous healing from overcoming cancerous tumors and emotional trauma. Dr. Paula McDon...

  • "Women-The Prophetic Key to the Future of the Church" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Today's guest is the amazing Soorin Backer of Soorin Backer Ministries. She is the author of Women in Jesus' Life and founder of The Pearls of Hope Conference held yearly on the West Coast (hybrid/virtual option available). Soorin says, “In a day and age when women are still being told to ‘go h...

  • "The Truth of Abortion & the Church" Christine's Cornerstone w/Christine Brejcha

    In this week’s episode, Christine will discuss what the Gospel has to say about Abortion and the Value of Human Life. She teaches the truth of what takes place during each trimester of Abortion, as well as the divide in the church over the subject. Christine will also share in the love and trut...

  • "Faith in God’s Timing" on The Victorious Life with Lisa Buldo

    Join Lisa Buldo on "The Victorious Life" as she interviews a special guest, Stephanie Leon. They discuss God’s faithfulness to His promises, the importance of waiting on God’s timing, and the fact that healing is for every believer today.
This is Episode 2 of the Season, and is called "Faith in...

  • "The Holy Spirit is Our Comforter" on Always More Tv with Rebecca Keener

    Join Rebecca Keener as we begin a study the most important Person on earth today, The Holy Spirit. He gives us the comfort and the strength we need when we go through difficult times.

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  • "Maturing Into God's Faithful Bride" on Officially Marsha Talks

    In this episode, Marsha Williams continues on the topic of what it means to mature in the body of Christ. In Ezekiel 16 there is a warning to the believer who forgets God and goes astray. There are consequences for the unfaithful, but for the faithful bride there is abundant blessings.

  • "Do It Anyway–Why Going Deeper Matters" on Remorselessly Biblical w/ Beth Fisher

    What if Peter and the other disciples didn’t “feel like” going back out after an entire night of fishing with no results? No fish? No success? What if they would have decided to take the easy route, not listen to Jesus, and stay stuck? Well for one, people would have gone hungry. Peter and th...

  • "Born with a Purpose" on COFFEE with Kim

    Do you know that you were born with purpose, to live in God's abundance? Is that your life or are you like I was for years, believing lies that robbed me of the life I was seeking. On today's COFFEE with Kim, let's talk about the one lie that may be keeping us from living like we truly matter.

  • How Unhealthy Leadership Can Lead to Spiritual Abuse" on Remorselessly Biblical

    How does going outside your comfort zone, your people group, your own church, and your zip code reshape your relationship with God?
    Erika Mariglia grew up in the church, so the topic of God was never unfamiliar to her. However, she is a woman who always challenged the status quo, wanting to know ...

  • "Finding Strength in Our Weakness" on COFFEE with Kim

    What happens when what you always hoped wouldn't happen...does? On today's show, Kim invites you to meet her first mentor, and now a friend whose touching story and message will point us to our source of strength for carrying on whatever our circumstances!

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