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  • The Honor Principle on The HER Show with Trina Titus Lozano

  • Goodness Speaks with Rachelle Fletcher 11/03/2020

    Do you desire to bring good news to the poor and those around you just like Jesus did? Join Rachelle and her special guest, Sherry Stahl, speaker, author, and the SOUL H2O radio/podcast host; to learn how you can give God's goodness a voice every day to those around you, bringing transformation i...

  • POP Talk with Dr. Victor Torres Interview

    POP Talk with lead host Lisa Burkhardt Worley starts today's live stream. Are you in a place in your life where you sense there has got to be more? Let go and let God do it His way. It begins in our hearts and in our minds. With co-hosts Rosemary Legrand and Dr. Lynette Simm with guest Dr. Vict...

  • A “Label” of Love on COFFEE with Kim, E1

    Do you long to know the plan God has for you but have no idea how to begin? Are you trying to do your best at work, at church, at school…yet still feel disconnected and lost? Our host today understands exactly what you’re going through.

    Meet Kim Crabill as she invites each of us to a gathering p...

  • Embracing Freedom Today with Myshel - 10/28/2020

    Home schooling, Covid 19, working from home or looking for new employment. What do you do when you enter a difficult season and feel totally unprepared for the new responsibilities ahead?

  • Paula White Cain, He's Number 1 (Part 1)

  • Paula White Cain, He's Number #1 (Part 2)

  • Paula White Cain, Communion: The Lord's Supper - Part 2

    In a continuation of a teaching on the Eucharist (Communion, Lord’s Supper), Pastor Paula White-Cain dives into the benefits of salvation. It is by the grace of God that we are saved from destruction. We are to give thanks, sing praises to God, and proclaim His wonderful acts. We are to remember...

  • Paula White Cain, Communion: The Lord's Supper - Part 1

    Communion, also called the Lord’s Supper, Eucharist, is a Christian rite involving the eating of bread and drinking of wine, reenacting the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples. Jesus said in Luke 22:19, “Do this in remembrance of me.” In this sermon, Pastor Paula White-Cain breaks down 1 Cori...

  • "Brown Bagged-Blessings" on COFFEE with Kim

    Have you lost or forgotten who you truly are because you've allowed others’ words and even your own negative inner voices to define you? Kim did! And today, she uses a brown paper bag to help us discover our authentic selves again. Kim will show how God can heal anything we’ve been through, and ...

  • Andrea Kellum, 5 Traits of a Godly Woman

    Andrea Kellum leads a Bible study covering 5 traits of a godly woman. Changing Crowns Ministry's vision is to see all women of God unified and celebrating one another’s talents and beauty. The mission is to help women understand their identity in Christ, to teach them sound biblical truth, and t...

  • "Something Greater: Let Go and Let God" on Faithfully

    Paula White Cain and Jonathan Cain discuss the topic of "How to let go and let God".

  • "The Day of Atonement" on Paula Today

    Paula White Cain and Jonathan Cain discuss the Day of Atonement at the piano. Paula teaches on the holy feast days and the significance of the Day of Atonement, also known as Yom Kippur.