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  • "Empty Nesting – The Best Years of Your Life" on The Sofa's Edge

    Victorya Rogers and Debby Wade offer tips on how to enjoy your Empty Nester years. They can be your best years yet if you prepare for them. And if you are already there and haven’t prepared you can still reignite your marriage and bring back that loving feeling.

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  • "Breakthrough Prayers" on Face The Battle: The Importance of Prayer

    We need breakthroughs in either our relationship with the Lord or the renewing or restoring of our relationships, with our husband or children or friendship. Scripture is powerful when you apply it in your life. The greatest way to get this is through the word of God. Matthew 7:7 says, 'Ask and...

  • "Let's Talk About The "S" Word" on Getting A Grip On The Basics

    Nobody wants to talk about the “S” word (SIN), but you’ll be so encouraged by this message and how good God is!

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  • "Karen Ellison" on Life On Purpose: Live with Beth Townsend

    Life On Purpose: Live host Beth Townsend sits down with Author and Speaker, Karen Ellison. Karen is the Founder and President of Deeper Still, an organization for freeing the abortion wounded heart and providing healing and hope for men and women who have experienced or participated in an aborti...

  • "Change The Way You Think" on The Sessions with Cynthia Garrett

    What is mind renewal and why is it so important? Using one of her favorite scriptures - Romans 12:2, Pastor and Long-Time Talk Show Host Cynthia Garrett unpacks this topic and talks us through what it looks like in our everyday lives to have our minds renewed by God and His Word.

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  • "Mending Broken Relationships God’s Way! " on The Christian View

    Join The Christian View Team as they discuss and share on how and why fixing and mending Broken Relationships must be done God’s Way!

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  • "Flourishing in Your Health" on Goodness Speaks with Rachelle Fletcher

    Do you desire to be healthy in your body, soul and spirit? Join me for this episode of Goodness Speaks as I talk with Wendie Pett, health expert, coach and creator of Visibly Fit, a lifestyle that helps men and women care for their bodies as God intends.

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  • "Leigh Allyn Baker" on Messages with Kaya

    On Messages with Kaya, Kaya welcomes Actress Leigh Allyn Baker. She is a successful actress appearing on such shows as Charmed, Will & Grace, and Good Luck Charlie as well as an executive producer. Leigh Allyn Maker shares on faith, fame, film and family! Tune in to watch or listen to the Podc...

  • "The Road to the Cross" on Hope Arises with Harmony Klingenmeyer

    Are you ready to walk the road to the Cross? God is releasing the grace to lay down our lives for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Are you hungry to see resurrection life manifest in you? Supernatural life can only manifest where death has occurred. In this powerful teaching, Harmony Klingenmeyer ...

  • "Walking Out an Impossible Prophetic Word" on Victory in the Word

    Have you ever had a prophetic promise from God that seemed impossible? Abraham did! He was old and he and Sarah well past child-bearing years when God promised them a son. The Bible says that Abraham believed God. And he kept that faith over 25 years until his son was born. How did Abraham ke...

  • "When Tragedy Strikes - Part 3" on Living the Thrilling Life

    Where is God when tragedy strikes? Bad things happen even to Christians. Does God really love you? Tune in as host Victorya Rogers interviews guest Angelia Waite, M Div., as she reveals where God was and is as she walks us through her family’s journey through the tragic of death of her child. ...

  • "Let Your Maker Be Your Mirror" on Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy

    How you view yourself will determine your outlook in every area in your life. Join Dr. Trudy as she helps you to truly look through the Mirror of the Lord.

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  • "It Happened Through The Fire!" on Live Empowered with Apostle Cathy Coppola

    Apostle Cathy Coppola teaches on "It Happened Through the Fire!" The Lord appeared to Moses in a flame of Fire! He looked at what the Lord was doing, and God spoke to him through the flames of fire. As you look to Him you will burn with the fire of the Lord but not be consumed.

  • "God's View" and "Jenn Gotzon at NRB" on Destiny X TV

    Destiny is back with another special double-packed episode of Destiny X TV! Tune in as she provides some powerful interviews and insights from the 2021 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Conference where she has a discussion regarding God's View for your life and then has a one-on-one intervi...

  • "What Does it Mean to be Holy?" on Always More TV with Rebecca Keener

    If you have ever questioned what it means to be Holy, this program will help give you a greater understanding. God tells us to BE Holy even as He is Holy.

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  • Victory Road with Lee Benton: Founder of Hope for Future Africa: Rose Sakuda

    Join Dr. Lee Benton as she interviews Rose Sakuda, Founder & President of “Hope for the Future Africa.” Rose shares her Victory story and how she saved countless girls from being kidnapped & tortured from the evil practice of Female Genital Manipulation (FGM) a.k.a. Female Circumcision. There i...

  • "Making Love when Intercourse is Not An Option" on The Sofa's Edge

    Victorya Rogers and Debby Wade offer hope for couples when intercourse is not an option. There are seasons and reasons when intercourse is off the table. But intimacy does not have to disappear. You CAN make love even when sex is not an option.

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  • "Praying with Music: Dr. Paul Zahl" on Face The Battle: The Importance of Prayer

    Carmen is joined by special guest, Dr. Paul Zahl; author, retired priest, teacher and theologian. Dr. Paul really gives us a look on how music affects the places in our lives when we are hurting, or in our greatest joy. He talks about how powerful music is and the way it can bridge the gap betw...

  • "Mary Magdalene" on The Well

    Continuing with the 5th episode of "The Well," Rachel and Kaya continue their teaching and discussions on Women of the Bible, focusing this time on Mary Magdalene. Moving into the New Testament of the Bible and the 4 Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John exploring Mary Magdalene's impact she ha...

  • "What Do You Say About Jesus?" on Getting A Grip On The Basics

    Who is Jesus, did He really ever claim to be God and is He really the “only way” to the Father and to eternity in Heaven? Let's find out.

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  • "Untangled, The Truth Will Set You Free" on Remorselessly Biblical

    Michele Pillar – a famous recording artist, three-time Grammy nominee, and world-renowned figure for 40 years – shares her brutally honest and empowering story for us this week.  Now an author and public speaker who encourages life change and better decision-making, Michele offers a riveting conv...

  • "Darla Morrison" on Life On Purpose:Live with Beth Townsend

    Life On Purpose: Live host Beth Townsend sits down with Publicist and Public Relations Expert, Darla Morrison. Publicity? Marketing? Branding? Social media tips? Entrepreneurship? Watch here! Darla's love of meeting people to hear their life stories has led to the connections she shares wi...

  • "Faith, Obedience, and Trust - Part 2" on Officially Marsha Talks

    This week we continue our discussion about faith, obedience and trust, especially in and with relationships! Growing means stepping out into places you may never have been. We talk about growing and maturity with serving Christ Jesus. It means literally denying yourself because there is a bigg...

  • "Mental Health: Body, Mind, and Spirit" on The Christian View

    Join the team of The Christian View as they discuss the challenging topic of Mental Health…Body…Mind…Spirit.

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