Broken to Beautiful

Broken to Beautiful

2 Seasons

From Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott. Follow along as Paula takes you on the Journey with real life stories on how God can and will take your mess and make a message. A message of Hope, Healing, Love, Forgiveness and Encouragement.

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Broken to Beautiful
  • "Living Through Forgiveness Over Look" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    Episode 1

    In this episode Paula does an overview of the whole series. She reviews each episode in depth: Why we need forgiveness, why forgiveness is so important, forgiving yourself, forgiving daily, turning your pain into purpose and freedom in forgiveness. No matter what type of forgiveness you are fac...

  • "Freedom in Forgiveness" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    Episode 2

    In this episode Paula talks about receiving freedom when we forgive. She explains the steps needed to truly forgive and receive freedom in your life. She shares how not forgiving holds us captive to past hurts and pain and we end up miserable, unhappy and feeling trapped to our past.

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  • "Turning Pain Into Purpose" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    Episode 3

    In this episode Paula talks about redeeming your pain from your past. How to take the pain from your past and turn it into purpose. Paula talks about releasing the person who hurt you and taking the pain from that hurt and redeeming it and turning into your purpose. She will explain how your l...

  • "Forgiving Daily" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    Episode 4

    In this episode Paula takes you on a journey and the importance of forgiving daily. She talks about how we have an opportunity to forgive every day. At first it’s hard to just forgive, but as you practice it over and over it becomes easier. She also talks about how offense can destroy your lif...

  • "Living Through Forgiveness" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    Episode 5

    Join in as Paula Abbott explains how to live life through forgiveness. In this episode she will share her personal story about years of abuse and rejection that turned into a meth addiction that would end up causing her to lose her children, her job and her home. She tried to take her own life...

  • "Forgiving Yourself" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    Episode 6

    In this episode, Paula takes you on a journey and communicates the importance of forgiving yourself. She discusses how this action is one of the hardest things for anyone to do. Paula share’s her personal story on how God led her through forgiving herself and how to love herself right where she...

  • "Why Is Forgiveness So Important?" on Broken to Beautiful with Paula Abbott

    Episode 7

    In this episode Paula Abbott takes you through the Old Testament Story in Daniel 3 about two brothers that held unforgiveness, hatreds, offenses and rivalries for years. This story will teach you that when we are empty and exhausted we will trade our happiness for something that is only temporar...

  • "Daddy's Shoes" by Paula Abbott

    Episode 8

    Join Paula Abbott sharing the importance of putting on the "Whole" Armor of God, and provides in-depth detail about the "Shoes of Peace." She uses the example of putting on your Daddy's Shoes and walking around in them. When you place your Father's shoes on, you will feel the strength and whole...

  • "Where The Broken Meets Jesus" by Paula Abbott

    Episode 9

    Paula Abbott touches on everyday life and difficult subjects that we all face day to day. She explains how she was given up as a child, and adopted into a family where the father grew to resent her. Her adopted father was an atheist and very abusive. She was made to feel unwanted and unloved b...

  • "Spiritual Warfare" by Paula Abbott

    Episode 10

    On this message, Paula explains Spiritual Battles versus Everyday Battles. She explains that when you leave an open door for satan, he will wreak havoc in your life. When that happens it is called, Spiritual Warfare. Paula shares that we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against the da...