Beth Jones

Beth Jones

Beth Jones is a Bible teacher, pastor and author who has been helping people learn the basics of God's Word to reach their full potential for more than 30 years.

She teaches the Bible in a down-to-earth, humorous and practical way through her weekly podcast and international television program: “The Basics With Beth” and through her online Bible study platform: She’s also authored more than 20 books and Bible studies that have been translated into 27 different languages and distributed around the world.

Beth and her husband, Jeff, are the founders (since 1991) and Senior Pastors of Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where they minister to thousands of people each week. Together, they have raised four kids who love the Lord and are now starting their own families.

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Beth Jones
  • Beth Jones The Basics With Beth "Write The Vision Know It" Pt 2

    A transformed life is established in the basics of Gods' word. Those people are an example of being imparted with the knowledge of Gods' truth. Living out what has been taught in daily life.

  • Beth Jones and The Basics With Beth - "Write the Vision"

    The original intention of the church as it relates to life was to encourage the believer and to reach the unbeliever. What is the vision going forward now that the pandemic has changed the routine of life? Some things are working and some things are not working so well. Todays reference Habakuk 2...

  • Beth Jones #12. "God Has A Plan For Your Life"

    The Basics With Beth "Getting a Grip on the Basics of Serving God ". God chose you to be fruitful that remains. He has ordained you for a future of peace and abundance. God will be found by those who seek Him with their whole heart. God made you for something eternal.

  • Beth Jones #11 "Expand Your Vision"

    Beth declares that God has given everyone a vision. She challenges us to think bigger! To be generous, we must have more abundance. All things are possible with God. Faith is the currency of Gods' kingdom. Beth shares her testimony of Gods' supernatural provision during her post secondary educati...

  • Beth Jones "Sow Friendship Seeds"

    Sowing seeds of acceptance into the lives of others. Being interested in others lives and what they are passionate about. Reach out to others and draw them in. Ask good questions, be transparent, sow acceptance and unconditional love with others. Appreciate others and speak kind things.

  • Beth Jones "Recharge Your Batteries"

    Throughout the course of a busy life, we need to be refreshed and re-energized. How to depend upon Gods' grace up to the finish line of life. Is your energy tank empty or full? How do you rate your spiritual, physical, mental and spiritual energy level?

  • Beth Jones "Jesus Is The Only Way"

    Gods' desire was to place man and woman in a pleasurable garden of eden to have dominion over the earth. Gods' plan was for Adam and Eve to live forever. The serpent, the devil deceived them causing sin, death and separation from God. Through one man, sin entered the earth. The only way to redeem...

  • Beth Jones "11 Scriptures that changed my life."

    God is for us and not against us. Jesus has given us authority over the enemy and always leads us into triumph through Christ. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Christ. In all things we are more than conquerers through Hw who loves us. Gods' love makes us victorious.

  • Beth Jones "Not Today Satan"

    Recognize there are two kingdoms. Jesus has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of Gods' light. Principles and laws govern Gods' kingdom. Gods' original intention was for man to have authority and dominion in the earth. Man forfeited his privilege of rule...

  • Beth Jones "What Really Happened At The Cross"

    Isaiah 53 All the benefits of our relationship with God were paid for with the sacrifice, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All the promises of God are fulfilled and made complete in Jesus.

  • Beth Jones "How To Be Great In Gods' Kingdom"

    Matthew 25 We all have been given a gift according to our ability. Your gift is something to invest. Discover your gifts, talents and calling. Then use, plant and invest them wisely. Whatever gift you have, be faithful in it. God will multiply your seed sown to reproduce an abundant harvest.If yo...

  • Beth Jones "Get To Know God"

    God is in us and with us through the presence of the Holy Spirit. We learn who Jesus is through Gods' word and His indwelling Spirit. We are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body. God wants to have a relationship with us. If your spirit is born again, then the Holy Spirit will lead us an...

  • Beth Jones "The Energizer Bunny"

    The Christian life was not intended to be lived alone. Grace is an endowment of Gods' power and ability for daily life. Grace enables us to manage the tasks of daily life. Hebrews 4:16 We can come boldly to God to receive mercy for failure and grace to help in a time of need.

  • Beth Jones "Rejection 101"

    Isaiah 53 Jesus was despised and rejected so we could be healed and whole. Jesus carried the sin and rejection of the world upon Himself, so we could be approved and accepted by God the Father. Jesus was our substitute on the cross for redemption from sin, sickness and lack. He is also our exampl...