Ashley Robbins

Ashley Robbins

Ashley’s journey begins with a pivotal moment in her mom’s life.

In the year of 2000, Ashley’s mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The prognosis was her mom would end up in a wheelchair and eventually die from the disease. A close family member heard the news and invited Ashley’s mom to come to their church to receive prayer for healing. Ashley’s mom attended the church, and was completely healed of multiple sclerosis by the power of God. At the follow up doctor appointment, the physician was dumbfounded that all lesions were completely gone from her mom’s brain, and she no longer had any of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

The Lord began to use her mom’s testimony to open up Ashley’s heart to His goodness and Grace. For years, Ashley’s mom had ministered to her about how much God loved her, but it never really penetrated her heart until one particular morning in 2004. Ashley had come to the end of her rope, and was tired of trying to do life her way. She was addicted to alcohol, and did not see a light at the end of the tunnel. She felt that she just did not want to go on with life anymore. As she sat in her bedroom and reflected over the course of her life, her mom’s words about God’s Love began to echo in her heart. Out of depression, defeat and despair she said, “God if you are real, I just ask you to take my life from me. I don’t want to be here any longer.” When she spoke those words, instead of death invading her room, God’s overwhelming love saturated her room. She slid onto her knees, overwhelmed by His love, and surrendered her life to Christ. At that moment, The Love of God burst forth into her heart. That moment marked her and changed the very course of her life forever.

In March 2017, as Ashley was worshipping The Lord, He told her to begin God Within Her Ministries, and to start by writing devotionals and bible studies to encourage and help women grow in their faith in Christ. She stepped out in faith and obeyed.

In 2018 He instructed her to move out beyond her “online borders” and go out into the local community. One mission in particular had a tremendous impact on her. The Lord led her, and a few other ladies, to help a small town in NC who had been devastated by a hurricane. They had lost most everything, and the town had been without power for nearly a month. The ladies worked to gather clothing and personal need items for the town, and headed there. While they were there, The Lord led her to pray with a specific group of women. As Ashley prayed with them, she was completely overwhelmed by His compassion for the people of this community. In that moment, she saw how much she had personally held back from The Lord because of fear. The Lord said to her, “Will you give me everything?” Ashley knew what He was asking, and held it in her heart and pondered over it that night. She felt overwhelmed, kind of afraid, but also knew He could be trusted completely. In the morning when she woke up, she had settled the issue in her heart and knelt down and said, “Lord I give you my all, I give you everything, my whole life is yours to do whatever you want.”

From that moment on, The Lord has been expanding and increasing the vision for what He wants to accomplish through a yielded and willing vessel. Today, God Within Her Ministries is ministering to women throughout the world via online communications, and also locally through local Bible Studies, fellowships and ministry events.

Ashley prays that each video helps to strengthen, encourage and establish you in the faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Ashley Robbins
  • "Faith In The Storm: Acts 21-28"

    Paul endured more storms in his life than most of us will ever face yet we find him consistent and joyful in his mission to make Jesus known. Join Ashley this week as she finishes up the Book of Acts and we look at Paul’s secret to happiness.

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  • "A Man On A Mission: Acts 17-20"

    Paul’s life is an encouragement to us all to stay focused. Paul avoided fruitless arguments and distractions and kept his focus on one thing: Jesus. As a result, he accomplished much for the Lord. Join Ashley this week as she walks us through examples of Paul’s determination to stay on course a...

  • "The Power of Prayer: Acts 12-16"

    Prayer is powerful and releases the very hosts of heaven in our behalf. This week Ashley continues to walk us through the Book of Acts and explores how prayer releases angels on our behalf, and how to respond when persecution abounds.

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  • "The Call of Paul: Acts 8-11"

    The Lord appears to Paul and chooses him as His chosen vessel while he is persecuting the church. God does not choose someone based on their heritage, perfect track record, race or gender, but according to His own sovereign purpose and plan.
    Join Ashley as she walks us through the call of Paul...

  • "Power from on High: Acts 1-7"

    The Book of Acts teaches us how Jesus continues His work in the earth through the Body of Christ. Join Ashley this week as she walks us through the early church being endued with power from on high and how this made them effective witnesses for The Lord.

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  • "Judges and Ruth: Faith in the Midst of Tragedy"

    The Book of Judges and the Book of Ruth encourage us in how to have faith in tough situations. We will all experience hardships and difficulties in life, but how we respond can make all the difference. Join Ashley this week as she encourages us in how to maintain faith in the midst of challengi...

  • "Deuteronomy and Joshua"

    This week Ashley teaches how God turned the curse into a blessing, and how we can drive out the enemies that oppose us from inheriting our promised land. Join her as she walks us through the Book of Deuteronomy and Joshua this week.

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  • "Numbers: A Lesson On Faith"

    The Book of Numbers teaches us the value and reward of having faith in God. Join Ashley this week as she walks us through the Book of Numbers and reveals how we can drive out the enemy so we can possess all that Jesus has promised to us.

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  • "Leviticus For Today"

    Leviticus often gets overlooked by New Testament believers, yet we find Jesus upon every page of this book. Join Ashley this week as she teaches us the value of understanding the Book of Leviticus, and how it points us to the redemptive work of Jesus for the here and now.

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  • "The Tabernacle: Exodus 15-40"

    God has always desired to dwell with His people. He created us for fellowship with Him. The Tabernacle in Exodus points us to the beauty and reality that is to come for every New Creation in Christ. And that is, God Himself will take up residence within us so that we never have to be separated...

  • "He Is Risen: Mark 14-16"

    This week Ashley walks us through the significance of Passover, and the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Join her for a special Easter message as we finish up the Gospel of Mark.

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  • "Exodus: Exodus 1-14"

    This week Ashley begins to lead us through the Book of Exodus. God’s heart has always been to deliver His people out of oppression and lead them into a place of rest in Him, and this is exactly what God begins to do for His people in the Book of Exodus. Exodus teaches us that God is faithful to...

  • "The Vineyard and The Tenants: Mark 12"

    Jesus often spoke in parables to illustrate spiritual principles to natural people. Today, Ashley is walking us through the Parable of the Vineyard which illustrates the importance of bearing fruit for the Kingdom of God.

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  • "The Humble Shall Be Exalted: Genesis 42-50"

    Joseph’s life took a 180 degree turn in a matter of 24 hours. As Joseph remained humbled before God, one minute we find him serving in the prison and the next he was appointed as the head over all of Pharaoh’s household. In this world, humility is not often celebrated, but in God’s Kingdom, it ...

  • "God’s Word Produces A Harvest: Mark 4"

    In the times we are living in, there are so many distractions that come to steal the Word from our heart, and if we aren’t careful we will fall prey to seemingly good things and forget the most important part, The Word! This week we are looking at how to tend to the garden of our heart so that t...

  • "Promotion Comes From God: Genesis 41"

    In this life, Jesus said we would experience trouble. When trouble comes our way, what is our response? Joseph’s response to unjust treatment and hardship is a witness for every believer today, that when we keep our hearts right in the midst of unjust treatment, God Himself will see to it that ...

  • "A Testimony of Grace and Forgiveness: Katie's Testimony"

    When hard things happen in life, Jesus often calls us to step beyond our ordinary comforts so that we can step into His eternal purposes. Join Ashley Robbins and Katie Carsten this week as Katie shares how the Lord helped her to step into His eternal plans through extending radical Grace and For...

  • "What The Enemy Planned For Evil, God Works For Our Good: Genesis 37 - 40"

    In the midst of rejection and turmoil, oftentimes we can wonder if the Lord is still working in our midst. Joseph’s life is a beautiful example, and reminder, that no matter what comes our way in life, when we keep our eyes on The Lord, God has an amazing way of turning rejection into restoratio...

  • "The Power of Forgiveness: Matthew 18 - 19"

    Life has a way of throwing uninvited things our way, and when this happens, we need to understand that the “ability to forgive” is one of the most powerful weapons the Lord has given us. When we free ourselves from unforgiveness, we free ourselves from a spiritual prison. Join Ashley tonight as...

  • "Building a Godly Marriage and Family: Genesis 24 - 28"

    Sometimes in life people wonder, “Did I marry the right one?” God’s Word settles this question for us as Eliezer sets out on a journey to find a wife for Isaac. As he sets out on his journey, Abraham gives him one specific instruction. We will look at Abraham’s instructions and also explore ho...

  • "Guard Your Heart: Matthew 12 and 15"

    In this episode Ashley leads us through the scriptures to explore: Can a Christian be possessed by a demon? How can we guard our hearts? And what does it mean to be a New Creation in Christ?

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  • "Fully Surrendered: Genesis 22"

    There is beauty and reward in surrendering all to Jesus. When we surrender all, we always receive more from God in return. Tune in for Session 11 as Ashley walks us through Abraham’s willingness and obedience to surrender all, and how he received even more in return.

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  • "The Promised Seed: Genesis 15, 16 and 17"

    This week Ashley is walking us through how Abraham received the promise of Isaac, and how we, as New Covenant believers, can receive every promise of God. Tune in as we explore how we practically lay hold of what God has provided for us.

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  • "Jesus Went About Teaching, Preaching and Healing: Matthew 8 and 9"

    Are you believing God for healing? Tune in this week as Ashley walks us through the healing ministry of Jesus in detail, and teaches us whether healing is still God’s Will today.

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