Ashleigh Mayfield

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  • Ashleigh Mayfield, "What You Don't Start With"

    Getting beyond procrastination. Overcoming fear. Taking your first step toward your dream. Starting with a grand vision is overrated. Perfectionism will stop you in your tracks. People skills are acquired, so don't worry! Believe in yourself! Be confident that you are going to do it! Take the lea...

  • Ashleigh Mayfield, Law of the Inner Circle

    Entrepreneur Ashleigh Mayfield shares three key strategies to leveling up your business with the right people. Do your research and offer value to others you want to be associated with. Be an educator. Be an entertainer. Be an encourager.

  • Ashleigh Mayfield, Cast Vision And Rally The Troops

    Psalm 29:18. 1. Leaders are repeaters. 2. The team takes ownership 3. Honor the right behavior.

  • Ashleigh Mayfield, Is Casting Vision Self Serving

    Manipulation is all about selfish gain, but Influence is about helping others.
    Seeking personal development, being attentive to the things that will develop your vision. If you are the leader, you must cast a vision for the people you lead. People want to follow someone who is going somewhere and...

  • Ashleigh Mayfield, Cultivating the Perfect Storm to Get What You Want

    Your positive affirmations must be followed through with action. Think, speak and act in a way that is consistent with your affirmation. Think, say and do that same thing.